Boys Birthdays

I had to post these cool Lego cupcakes for all of my Lego-obsessed nephews and their (Lego-obsessed Dads) one of them just had a Lego birthday, I think.

They are from Hello Naomi. Look at all of her great cupcakes here. Including these robot cupcakes…

which go perfectly with this great robot party from the Hostess blog.
My son would LOVE this! Should we do this after the space party or after the pirate party? I think he’s going to have to start having two birthdays a year to do it all.

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  1. Craft Junkie says

    Those are so awesome! I wish I had the patience to do something like that but I’d just wind up eating all the fondant and gaining 10 lbs and have crying kids cause there’d be no cupcakes. LOL

    Guess that’s why I stick to buying them, huh?

  2. Waterrose says

    Oh those cupcakes are adorable!

  3. love these ideas…you’re starting to get my brain flowing for jake’s birthday…he’d loving lego’s, robots (wal-e) and pirates! haha!

  4. I love the Lego cupcakes! Though after the many discussions on not eating Lego pieces, I’m not sure the cupcakes would help 😉


  1. […] a little differently. I don’t throw a big friend party (like the robot, rocket, pirate, etc., parties I’ve done in the past) but focus instead on the baptism and the dinner for friends and family […]

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