Birthday BLAST! (Rocket Birthday Party)

Rocket birthday party collage

We had a blast (pun intended) with my son’s Space/Rocket/Astronaut themed birthday party this year! It was too much stellar fun to fit it into one post.

For all of the Out of this World details and ideas for how you can throw your own spaced-out party, please read each of the following posts:
Stellar Invitations – featuring rockets that move up and down!
Rocket Launch – See how we made and launched our own bottle rockets!
Astronaut Food & Drink – Clever ideas for space food. And drinks that would make the astronauts proud.
Moon Cake – Easy, but high-impact DIY moon cake.
Favors & Fun – Space-themed candy, rocket cups and how we made a cute Photo Booth for our thank you cards.

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  1. You do such great parties…they are really inspiring!

  2. What an awesome party! I loved looking at all of your great pictures!

  3. Heidi Boos says

    Fabulous ideas, fabulous looking party!

  4. what a great party. I was planning on a space party for my son in Novemeber too.

    Fabulous work!

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