Just a couple more Thanksgiving ideas

Once upon a time I took a trip to visit my sister back East and collected lots of these and brought them back in my suitcase, because they are hard to find in AZ. Those leaves have been used in my autumn decor in various ways over the years. At least one year, I wrote Thanksgiving guests names directly on the leaves using a metallic paint pen. I tucked the leaf gently into a tied napkin to serve as a place card. Those of you with beautiful fall leaves should take advantage.
I also found a picture of the first Thanksgiving where I made the mini pilgrim hat placecards. We were using mostly things they already had on hand, but the hats tied in the black plates nicely. The photo quality isn’t the best, but if you look closely, you can see the haybales and cornucopias I described, here.
Are you ready for Thanksgiving?
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  1. I would love to host a sit down Thanksgiving Dinner. But I’m fairly low on the totem pole of my family so that honor always goes to my grandmother or aunt. Not to mention, we never do sit down. It’s usually every-man-for-himself buffet style.
    I however get Christmas dinner for my in-laws. I think I would rather trade for something else.

  2. Hi Kendra! Happy Thanksgiving!:)

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