The Kids’ Table–Fun ideas for Thanksgiving!

A couple of years ago, my daughter and I made this table for an extended family Thanksgiving.

We started with brown butcher paper. I let my daughter stamp leaf patterns all over the paper and on the napkins.

The cute pumpkin plates were from The Dollar Spot at Target. The cute Turkey place mats? My mom and I had made those a few years before, copying some very cute (and expensive) ones from Pottery Barn Kids. Yes, Mom did all of the sewing (what would I ever do with out her?), but I did do all of the hand stitching (embroidery).

The other thing you can see in this picture (although not too well) is the runts cornucopias we often make for thanksgiving. You take the Bugle snack crackers and use Marshmallow Creme to “glue” the runts into the bugles. The cutest ones have a large enough opening to fit 3 runts in each bugle. I’ve also made rice crispy-type treats out of shredded wheat and cut them into rectangles to make hay bales. You can set the cornucopias on top of the hay bale and even make a name card on a toothpick to stick into the hay bale.

We had fun coming up with this guy out of a big squash, gourd, carrot (nose), cloves (eyes), and fruit candies. We put the candies on skewers and stuck them into the squash. He made a fun, kid-friendly centerpiece!

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  1. How freakin cute! I LOVE the idea of the rice crispy like treats made outta shredded wheat for hay! So creative!! :o)

  2. I love all your ideas! My whole family is coming over for Thanksgiving for the first time ever and those ideas are great.

  3. Adams Family says

    Oh my goodness, could that table be any cuter?? I can’t decide which part is my favorite – I love all of it!! I think my 4 year old would love making that turkey centerpiece. Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. Cute little turkey guy! Although I’d be the kid that would eat your tail feathers! Love me some gummy candies!

  5. I love it! How much fun would kids have making those? Perfect!

  6. restyled home says

    Honestly, you come up with the best ideas for entertaining. You are such a fun mum!!


  7. Hi,
    I just found your blog! You have th cutest ideas! I am going to have my kids made that turkey with the candies! Glad I found your site! Bobbi

  8. The turkey with the candy tail is great – I bet the kids really enjoy sitting at the “kids table!”

  9. That is just adorable!!! Great ideas!!!

  10. Trent and Brooke Warner says

    I love your ideas. I am going to use them for some crafts at my YW activity this week. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  11. suzanne-allen says

    Such an adorable children's Thanksgiving table! I really like the butcher paper you put down first and then let your child decorate. Most of all I was awed by the turkey placemats…LOVE them! What kid wouldn't absolutely love to eat off of one of those?


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