Photography Giveaway

Holly took our family photos a few years ago and I have always been in love with this particular photo she took of Kira (It actually looks even better on the post on her blog). She isn’t doing sessions anymore, but is teaching a workshop designed for people just like me who have a digital SLR and don’t know what an f-stop is! I really want to go to one of these workshops, but it isn’t in the budget, right now, so I’m hoping win free admission, which is the reason for this post. I’m sure you don’t want to fight me for that prize, but you do want to spend some time perusing Holly’s gorgeous blog! The photography is breathtaking, and periodically she posts some beautiful crafty and home decor ideas. Go and say hi! (Just tell her to pick me for the free class!) 🙂

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  1. That baby girl has the exact same smile as her momma… Marilyn xo

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