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Gourmet Group–Sneak Peek

Here’s is a glimpse of some of the invitations I made for my Gourmet Group dinner this weekend. Can you guess our theme???

Family Gathering

(portrait of Grandma by Aunt Marsha) I traveled to Southern Utah this past weekend for the funeral of my grandmother. She was 101 years old and left behind quite a posterity that includes 101 great grandchildren. This blog isn’t a place for me to get personal about funerals and family, but I did want to […]

10 minutes to a better powder room

I’m guessing most of my readers have heard of the Nester, by now, but just in case you haven’t she has a great blog featuring do-able ways that we can beautify our homes. In her recent series, 10 minutes to a room you love, she gives ideas for quick fixes that can transform a room, […]

Photography Giveaway

Holly took our family photos a few years ago and I have always been in love with this particular photo she took of Kira (It actually looks even better on the post on her blog). She isn’t doing sessions anymore, but is teaching a workshop designed for people just like me who have a digital […]

Hooray for Hollywood–Academy Awards/Movie Parties

Some day I am going to throw an amazing Academy Awards style celebration! And I am going to send out invitations in large sealed envelopes that say (photo courtesy LIFE) “…And the winner is… YOU—because you’re invited to my awesome Academy Awards party” or something like that. And I would love it if my party […]

President’s Day Potluck Placecards

(Say that three times fast). I know we are all still recovering from Valentine’s Day, or in our case, trying to get a ton of projects done around the house, but today is a holiday, too, and a great opportunity to teach a little history to our little ones. So in case you are scouring […]

LOVE-ly Cakes

OK. I think this will be my last Valentine’s Post, since it is Valentine’s Day already and the stores are all moving on to what? The 4th of July? I just wanted to show you these LOVE-ly cakes my sister made for a school fundraiser. Together they brought-in nearly $100! Maybe some last-minute dessert inspiration. […]

School Valentines Revealed

I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath to see what we came up with for Valentine’s this year. The concept came together for my daughter so well, but didn’t translate as well for my son, so I modified it to something he would think was cool. Kisses from Kira Valentines So this is the […]

School Valentines

Each year at Valentine’s there is the big decision: To buy the Power Rangers and Barbie cards, or to make something a little more creative and personal. I bet you can’t guess which camp I am in! In fact, today’s big project is assembling the Valentines, but I’m not going to show them to you…yet. […]

Valentines Fun

We had kind of an early Valentine’s celebration with the kids this weekend. My sister-in-law brought over everything to make sugar cookies with the kids and we turned it into a crafty party. We needed food, so I decided to try heart-shaped pizzas. It was pretty easy since I used the ready made dough from […]