Wonderful Wonderland Dinner

This is not My Insanity–but I wish it were!  Back in the middle of my April craziness, I got to sneak away for gourmet group at my friend, Jennifer’s house.  She and Alicia went all out creating this evening in Wonderland (as in Alice in Wonderland) for us.  I asked them if I could share with all of you, because not only was it a fantastic dinner party, but their ideas would be great for Alice in Wonderland parties for all ages.  Since Alicia wrote a detailed post, including recipe links, I’m going to refer you to her blog for all of the details, but it was such a visual feast that I had a hard time deciding which photos to share.  So here are lots of them (even more on Alicia’s site):
This photo doesn’t quite capture the experience of being led through the rabbit hole (long hallway) by the White Rabbit himself, in darkness with flashing lights.  Yeah.  I knew it was going to be good with a start like that!
Fun colorful paper lanterns added whimsy to the table, and served as place markers for our ever-changing seats (like the movie)
Of course, the Eat Me boxes, and Drink Me bottles!  Perfect!  (And while we didn’t play, the croquet game was all set up for us.)
Can you figure out who each of our courses was?  (Answers on Alicia’s site.)  We also had a special “tea” (chocolate soup–yum!) for dessert, so we could say we were at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.
The elusive white rabbit makes his appearance at last!  Such a fun (and yummy) evening!  Thanks ladies!
On a side note…I lied about getting the rainbow post up this week.  We are heading out of town for the Holiday weekend, so it looks like that won’t happen until next week.  Sorry.  Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!  Hope it is filled with family, friends, and fun!
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  1. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says:

    That’s great Kendra, thanks for sharing!

  2. Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista says:

    how fun is this! love it all girl! I am inspired to be a better party thrower!!!

  3. pinkstilettos says:

    What a neat and awesome party it looks like you all had! Great deocrations!!! Daisy~

  4. This is great! The party looked fantastic and has given me some great ideas for my alice in wonderland themed party that i will be throwing for my grandma! The changing seats is something which I hadn’t thought of! Did you move adter each course or every so many minutes? I am going to do it after each course for two reasons, firstly my grandma is old and has just had a knee opperation so she can’t move very well! And secondly I don’t like the thought of having to constantly move whilst trying to enjoy my dinner!

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