Santa Baby Decor

This is a quick post for my friend, Kathryn, who was doing my hair today and asked if I had any ideas for some fun decor she could do for her Christmas Eve party that would go along well with her red, black, and white home decor. Of course, I have ideas, just not a lot of time to blog them.

I immediately thought of these cute favor boxes. This was a “Christmas in July” themed gourmet dinner (…back in july, clearly), put on by Taisy and Amy. They made these boxes out of cardstock, and each was full of homemade caramels (yum!). Here you see it pictured with the menu/placecard.
I think the original idea came from Jaimee Rose at the Arizona Republic, but I couldn’t find her directions, in the time I had to search.
Taking the Santa theme a little further, Kathryn and I discussed how she could use a red tablecloth, make a runner out of white fur and use a wide black ribbon with a glittered buckle made from cardboard, on the table. I wish I had a picture of the table I am envisioning, but you could take some inspiration from the materials used by the Thrifty Decor Chic in this great project she just posted:
Hope these help, Kathryn! For now, we won’t talk about my level of Christmas readiness. I’ve had a few set-backs today that are making me feel rather Grinch-ish. Hope you are finding the joy in your holidays and excited for the big day!
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  1. It looks so cute:)

  2. cookies and cups says:

    that is adorable! and easy! maybe next year 😉

  3. Brim over I agree but I dream the post should acquire more info then it has.

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