Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

So tell me this doesn’t just melt your heart a little…

I guess I am a biased mom, but I think he makes an awfully handsome valentine, don’t you?

These were my son’s Valentine’s for school, this year. I had purchase heart-shaped suckers to stick in each card, but found out at the last minute, that his school has banned all sweets this year. Another trip to the dollar store and we came home with fake roses for the girls and pencils for the boys. The pencils warped the photos a bit, since they were so large, but they still worked fairly well. And I’m sure the girls (who think he’s “awesome” already, according to Trenton), we’re thrilled with the roses. I’ll have to get the full report when he gets home in a few.
Here is one of the i-pod valentines, my daughter made for her 4th grade class. These were supposed to be HER project, and she did a lot of the work, but at the end of the day, it was a big team effort to get them all assembled, and get us to bed last night. You can get instructions and downloads at the Family Fun Website. We used wrapping paper–solid red for the boys and a heart print for the girls.
And not to be left out, my 2 year old, had a Valentine’s Day playgroup at the park, where cards were exchanged. I just printed out this cute, age-appropriate download I found at Secret Agent Josephine via Living Locurto (btw, Living Locurto is the place to go for free downloads! She makes lots of them, but also links to all the cool ones around the web.) She also had a coloring book version of these, that I printed out for her to work on as we worked on the big kids’ valentines, but these color ones were so cute that we gave them out. I just cut them out and taped them on to the suckers I couldn’t use for my son’s school.
There is a lot of celebrating stuff going on this weekend. I intended to post about the winter olympics by now, since they are starting tonight, but that hasn’t happened. It probably will before the closing ceremonies. If you are planning an Olympic-style get-together, you might check out my ideas from the Summer Olympics, here.
We also have birthday parties, President’s Day, friends coming in from out of town, and are getting ready for my parents to come and help me make some serious PROGRESS around my house before this baby comes. I do think we will get a little romantic Valentine’s celebrating tonight! How will you celebrate this holiday weekend?
One last plea…Tonight is the last chance to vote for me to win the newborn photo session at Holly Brimhall Photography. I would really love your vote! Thanks to all of you who have voted, already! The rest of you, go vote, and then, enjoy your holiday weekend!
Wishing you all much LOVE!
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  1. Cute! I posted one similar to the top photo, but with the candy! Wow, candy banned. Our school banned homemade goodies. I would love to send in homemade treats, but NOOOO.

  2. Amy @ Living Locurto says:

    Oh my word… that valentine is adorable!! So creative.

  3. Wow! Way to turn it up a notch! I think the flower substitute was *perfect*! And Trenton is getting to be so handsome!

  4. Susan Crabtree says:

    the flower is so sweet! we also made the ipod valentines for my son's class-they were a huge hit!http://puertabella.blogspot.com/2010/02/rockin-valentines.html

  5. What an ADORABLE Valetine idea!!!

  6. Trenton's valentine is adorable! What a cutie! And I love that's he's wearing a tie in the picture.


  1. […] me to take a great simple idea and turn it into a great complicated one. I loved the valentines we made for my son’s class last year, and since he is at a new school and my daughter hadn’t done these before, we decided it was […]

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