Top Ten of 2010

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and are gearing up for the New Year!  We did and are still partying with the in-laws, so I haven’t been able to do much blogging or blog business.  I did want to get my annual year in review post up in time to participate in Rhoda’s party.
Based on your comments, my traffic stats, and highly-scientific guessing on my part, I have compiled my top ten posts from 2010, and will count them down with you now.
We had a three-way tie for the last three spots ( #8, #9 & #10),
so we’ll start with Tessa’s Fairy Party, because this picture makes me happy.
Tying with that post are the Family Reunion T-shirts...
And my #1 most awesome project of 2010…
He is almost 8 months old now.  All-terrain crawling, and pulling himself to standing.  He is working on saying “Dad-da” and waving “hi.”  We get stopped everywhere by grandmas wanting to flirt with him (because he’s great at it) and commenting on his huge blue/green eyes.  At times, I bemoan not having had the time to promote my blog a little better this year, or get a few more projects or posts done.  As frustrating as that can be, when I remember my greatest project of 2010 and his brother and sisters, it kind of puts it all back into perspective.
(Me and all of my greatest projects taken the Sunday before Christmas 2010)
Here’s to a great 2011 full of love, projects, and lots of insanity!
p.s.  I want to send a shout-out and a thank you to my top 10 referring websites/blogs
(you know, not counting google and the like),
which all are amazing and favorite reads of mine:


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