Party Party Trend: Gender Reveal Parties

One really fun trend that popped up a few times in the Party Party was the Gender Reveal Party! I’ve never been to one, but they look like a lot of fun!
The basic idea is that when the momma to be gets her ultrasound, the doctor (or whoever does it) writes the gender of the baby on a paper and seals it in an envelope. The envelope is given to the baker or party host or who ever is making the cake/cupcakes for the party. Then at the party the couple cut the cake revealing a pink or blue cake inside or colored frosting/filling, that lets everyone know at the same time whether they are expecting a boy or a girl.

I really liked this bee-themed version by grey grey designs.  The yellow and black is really fun and graphic and gender neutral-so no clues are given before the big reveal. It all ties together with the “What’s it going to bee?” sign.
Tina hosted her own party, by taking the sealed envelope to the bakery.  She kept the decor simple, modern and clean and replaced the pink with red. She also made the party easy to host by having it at a restaurant. (Can we say “no housecleaning while pregant?” Good thinking!)

This gender reveal went with the traditional blue and pink.  Julie did lots of fun activities with the family that was gathered. She made them pick a team (boy or girl) when they walked in the door.

And I do believe we are three for three in favor of the boys! Congrats to all of the mamas and thanks to the party planners for sharing these fun ideas!
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Time is running out to vote for your favorite parties from the Party Party! It’s a really close race for all of the Top 5, so head over and let your voice be heard!
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  1. Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns says

    Thanks for including me Kendra!! I still love this bee party–it was so fun!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my party! I am so excited!!!!

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