Trading Spaces Tuesday: Valentine’s Tutorial with Honeybear Lane

Hello all you “My Insanity” Readers!!  Kendra is a fellow Arizona craft blogger and we’re doing a little blog swap today.  I’m super excited to be visiting today from my craft blog, Honeybear Lane.  I make and sell puff quilts but love to craft and sew and share my creations!!  I’d love it if you’d stop by.  But today I am sharing this super easy Valentine’s Day flower arrangement!!

Valentines wouldn’t be Valentines without flowers and candy.  But hello…$$$!  You can get both for super cheap to make a very cute and festive arrangement.

  • For this project, I bought three packs of flowers from Walmart that cost $5 each.  Two packs of tulips (my favorite flower) and one pack of Peruvian lilies.  Usually I just do one kind of flower, but I wanted a different look this time.
  • One square vase
  • A smaller vase to fit inside that is the same height (I just used one of my IKEA cups)
  • V-day candy of your choice (last year I did conversation hearts)

To treat your flowers, unwrap them (I know, mind-blowing right?!)
…Cut the stems at an angle.  This is best done under water if you can but I’m lazy.
Prepare your vases like this.  Mix up some lukewarm water with the flower food (usually comes with flowers) in your inside vase only.  Make sure the square vase is clean and dry too. 
This is a horrible picture, but get your stems relatively the same length.  Keep clipping until you get it to the height you want.  You might be surprised that shorter stems look better in the squatty vase.
I think I should have gone even shorter.  But here is my cup with the flowers.
Put the vase inside the other vase.
If you have enough candy, you can just fill in the space with your candy.  But it takes a surprising amount to fill it in.  So I used some paper to fill it in a little more.
I had to kind of work the candy in there but I think it turned out really cute!
Then I added a little bit of pink ribbon for a little extra ‘glam.’  I tied it like I tie my belts!
And it looks so pretty on my shelf!

Ahhh, how sweet.

PS.  Make sure to add a little water every day because there’s not that much in there!  And remove dying flowers immediately.  Once a flower starts to die it produces a lot of ethelyne gas which causes the other flowers to die faster.  (That’s the same rule for produce…so keep your bananas away from other fruit.)

Thanks for having me Kendra!!  I’d love if y’all would stop by my blog…here’s a few fun tutorials I’ve done…

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So please come by and visit (Honeybear Lane) …and make sure you leave a comment saying hi!  I love my readers!!

Kendra here:  Thanks Heidi for such a fun flower arrangement! Don’t forget to come and see the flower arrangement I made for Heidi’s blog!
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  1. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) says

    Thanks for featuring Honey Bear Lane. Such a lovely tutorial! I adore tulips…and is that pink candy corn?

  2. Amie @ Kitty Cats and Airplanes says

    I didn't even know they made Vday candy corn! Love this arrangement, so beautiful!

  3. what a great article and I appreciate other comments as well.


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