Creative Estates Photos

My Insanity-1637.jpgMy Insanity-1718.jpgMy Insanity-1717.jpgMy Insanity-1715.jpgMy Insanity-1714.jpgMy Insanity-1713.jpg
My Insanity-1712.jpgMy Insanity-1711.jpgMy Insanity-1710.jpgMy Insanity-1708.jpgMy Insanity-1707.jpgMy Insanity-1706.jpg
My Insanity-1704.jpgMy Insanity-1703.jpgMy Insanity-1702.jpgMy Insanity-1701.jpgMy Insanity-1699.jpgMy Insanity-1698.jpg
My Insanity-1697.jpgMy Insanity-1683.jpgMy Insanity-1682.jpgMy Insanity-1681.jpgMy Insanity-1680.jpgMy Insanity-1679.jpg
MyInsanity’s photostream on Flickr.

I took so many fun pictures from Creative Estates. I’m going to post a re-cap with a few favorites along with my impressions and highlights from the event, but if you want to see the whole she-bang, Check out my flickr stream!

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  1. So glad you've posted your photos Kendra! I am sort of reliving the event from my hotel room.

    You're amazing!


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