The Easter Incident of 2011

I have weeks worth of new blog material from this crazy weekend alone. Just not sure how many weeks it will take me to get it all posted! My plan was to start with a simple family picture of us in our coordinated Easter clothes and talk about how I make my family dress up in coordinated outfits each Easter & Christmas and discuss whether that is cute or cruel. Except, there was no shot of our Easter ensembles this year, due to…
The EASTER Incident of 2011

She may be all smiles here, holding her baby cousin, but this girl spent a bit of her Easter sniffling and sighing. You see, that green dress she is wearing, is NOT her Easter outfit.

We have church at 1:00pm, and had had such a busy weekend, that our only available time for egg-dying was in the last hour or so before we left for church.

Everyone had gotten up at a good time, gotten showered and dressed in the clothes I had purchased for them from the Children’s Place (from  last season’s line–purchased sometime far away from Easter on a great clearance sale). We picked out cute accessories, and I even curled the girls’ hair with a curling iron. LONG ringlets for Kira, which she first thought looked weird, and then proceeded to gaze lovingly at them in the mirror until I sent her out of the bathroom. She looked cute! All ready to go!

I carefully prepared the egg dye. Time was short. I told the children a few times to back away while I was working and insisted upon them all wearing aprons–despite their protests–to ensure the protection of their carefully planned Easter outfits.

But they were a little too excited, or a little too rushed, because moments after I stepped away from the dye, this guys elbow managed to meet the mug full of red dye and sent its contents flying on to each part of Kira’s Easter outfit. She shrieked loud enough to wake up her napping dad who looked at the clock and asked if we were all about ready to get in the car. I tried to talk her into holding back the tears as I simultaneously stripped her down and tried to mop up the puddles of red on the floor before the dye could have too much effect. I’m happy to report, that our quick efforts appear to have saved the outfit. We rinsed and soaked and sprayed, and ran a load of laundry, and miraculously, the red dye came out. But not in nearly enough time to wear those clothes to church, and she had to get in the shower quickly to wash all the red off of her legs and body. In the process, she pretty much destroyed all of the ringlets. We found that her only other dress that color coordinated with us was not too dirty so she threw that on and wore a tear-stains as her main accessory.
Her outfit initially looked a lot more like Tessa’s shown here, but with a purple sweater of a different style. And you can see Alec’s handsome sweater vest here, as he opens an early birthday present from Grandma (Can you believe he is already turning 1???)
I wore a green dress and Barry wore a purple tie. But I will have to leave that all to your imagination, unless we try a re-do next week and let Kira wear her rescued outfit.
Do you dress your family in matching/coordinated outfits on special occasions. Have you ever been as foolish as I am and let them do something as hazardous as dying Easter eggs in those outfits? Did you have any Easter incidents this year?
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  1. Amy at Ameroonie Designs says

    So sorry Kendra! But glad you got it out! I hope the rest of the weekend went well?

  2. Love the pics! Hope you are having an amazing day! Shauna from

  3. Oh goodness!

  4. Just had to share how our day went with you, since we also had a crazy Easter.

    At 1:20AM my hubby realized that the "Easter Bunny" bought the wrong sized helmet for our two year old. I could tell he was secretly glad he was not playing the role of the bunny this year, unfortunate for me.

    Thank goodness when 8AM rolled around there was enough candy to act as a decoy for the helmet issue, so that was able to be resolved without incident, but the real fun was about to begin.

    I was getting ready to jump in the shower, but our water takes forever to heat up. So I figured that I would multitask and use our dust buster to vacuum up the stray hairs off the floor. Sure, I was naked since I was waiting for the water to get hot, but time is scarce before our guests were set to arrive so it made perfect sense at the time. Well, I am bending down vacuuming, then I turn and feel a terrible pain on my eye socket and feel blood running down my face. I had hit the corner of our towel rack, which sends me running through the house (naked) to find my husband for help. I am freaking out due to the extreme pain and panic that needing stitches will ruin our day, but thankfully he tells me that it is not as bad as it looks. Then he asks if I am freaking out because of all the blood. I laugh because I work with blood a few times a week, so that is the last thing that freaks me out. A potentially ruined Easter due to needing an ER visit is what was causing the mass pandemonium on my part.

    Once I knew it was not a big cut I was fine and went back to jump in the shower since I was already naked, the water was now hot, and my bathroom floor was clean of stray hairs.

    However, that is not all. Since my face hurt now I was in pain and just "off". Last minute chopping of an onion resulted in my finger getting cut. Only a band-aid was needed, but I was feeling a touch of anxiety that the third mishap could be the one that actually resulted in a holiday ER visit. I put down the knife and let my hubby cut the cucumbers.

    Then my two year old decided that Elmo jammies were her desired Easter outfit despite her having a new dress hanging for her to wear. I was in too much pain to argue, so I waited until my mom arrived to help me get her dressed.

    After bingeing on candy for a few hours my just turned five year old came up with the idea that wearing the Barbie make-up she just got for her birthday would be appropriate, so I had to calmly explain that holding off on hot pink eye shadow until the next day was a good idea. This resulted in tears, tears, and more tears that is until she realized she still had even more candy to go eat.

    My hubby just gave me that "you are going to be the one dealing with them later when they have a major sugar crash" smirk. Yeah, I was being an irresponsible parent for the sake of Easter…sue me.

    Then I realized that I forgot to get drinks for our Easter celebration. Thankfully my hubby ran out to pick some things up. The minute he got back home I realized we were out of tortilla chips to serve with a delicious yogurt jalapeno dip, so back to the store he went. Thankfully he is a very helpful and understanding hubby.

    Things seem to be coming together and our guests started arriving. Just then our power decides to go out. Then it comes back on and starts to flicker on and off a bunch. It has never done this before, ever. At about the third flicker I threw up my hands, laughed, and yelled "Happy Easter everyone!" I had reached my limit.

    All in all it turned out to be a great day, but it had a very rocky start. Thankfully the rain did hold off until after the egg hunt in the backyard, but it was still one of those days ;o)

    I hope next year is not a repeat.

  5. Lissa (Bellenza) says

    My Easter now sounds blessedly uneventful by comparison, so may I just wish all of us "Happy Mother's Day!"?


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