Spa Day Party – Pretty Pinata

When discussing what my daughter had in mind for her birthday party, this year, I was surprised to learn that she really wanted a piñata. We have them sporadically for birthday parties, but she hadn’t had one for a couple of years and decided there should be one at this party.
Of course, with a spa day themed party, you can’t have just any piñata. I showed BSB a couple of inspiration photos on line (pinterest) and asked if he could construct the jewel shape for me out of cardboard. He was excited about the challenge and constructed a near perfect jewel-shaped box out of cardboard and hot glue.
I wanted it to have some color and a little bling, so I alternated hot-gluing two shades of pink crepe paper (ruffling them loosely as I glued) with pieces of the silver mesh ribbon, working my way around the box.
The only trouble with BSB-constructed piñatas is that they are mostly indestructible, so he usually ends up being the one that has to break them (like with the treasure chest). *sigh* The girls had a great time with it anyway!
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  1. RootsAndWingsCo says:

    I LOVE this! We have had years were my kids HAVE to have pinatas, too! I usually love them but one year we had a hula doll pinata. Something was so wrong about asking kids to beat a hula girl. When it broke we were left with just her head. Hmmm. Just wasn't the vibe I was going for on that party! From now on no human pinatas for us! 😉
    LOVE your jewel pinata! Perfect for a spa party!


  2. Lissa (Bellenza) says:

    Cute piñata shape you made! It's great how party planners can now modify the traditional piñata look to suit whatever theme.

  3. PartyMom says:

    Very cute! We're not to the pinata stage yet, so this is all sorts of inspirational!


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