Happy Birthday to My Insanity!

5 years!!!!

Can you believe I have been doing this for 5 years?!?

(Photo from County Fair Birthday party–not yet blogged).

I cannot.

But the date on my first post says Jan. 15, 2008. And 2013 minus 2008 = 5, right? So that means it’s time for a big celebration! Because 5 years in blog years is like 50 years in regular time.

So that means it is time for our Party Party, but since this is the big #5, I am mixing things up a bit. Here are the deets:

  • Starting tomorrow, come back and link up your favorite party from 2012! (You may link up more than one party, but since the winners will be determined by popular vote this year, you might not want to split your vote).
  • Parties must be real parties. You know, guests came that weren’t models. The photoshoots are fun, but this is about throwing a fabulous party when you are in the middle of the trenches.
  • Must include a link back to the Party Party on that post so that others can come and party with us (button will be provided tomorrow).
  • Starting next Wednesday (the 23rd), voting will open. Get your fans to come and vote for your party. BUT I am throwing in a little twist. I will be pinning all of the submitted parties to a Pinterest board titled Party Party 2013. I will add the number of repins and likes each pin gets to the total votes on the blog to determine the winner. That will help us reach a larger voting audience (please only repin each party to one board…I will discount duplicate pins from the same person).
  • Voting ends Jan. 30. The winner will be revealed on Jan. 31st.
  • I have collected a great assortment of party prizes for the winner! (Detailed post to come!)
  • I tend to be a DIMer (do it myself-er) when it comes to parties and really try and take it on myself, I decided that I needed a little back-up this time, so I have called on some of my favorite party girls to send me some spectacular party items to collaborate on a Blogiversary Party Party table. I will put these all together and show you what we came up with at the end of the party. I am so excited to see it come together!
  • I intend to share my un-blogged parties from 2012 with you and we’ll also welcome a couple of party guest bloggers during the duration of the party.

I hope you will join me! Get a party post ready to link up. Pull up a cupcake and have fun celebrating everything celebratory with us this month.

See you tomorrow when all of the fun begins!!

{To see what I’ve been up to for 5 years, check out my top posts from each year.}


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  1. Congrats!! How exciting!!! I will be linking up tomorrow!! So excited for you Kendra!! Your amazing!!

  2. Wow, what a fabulous way to celebrate your ‘5th birthday’! This should be loads of fun…and inspiration for us all!

  3. ÅÅÅÅÅ congrats!!!!!

  4. Susan@pocacosa says

    Congrats! 🙂


  1. […] all of the details see yesterday’s post, but remember that the winner this year will be decided by popular vote, so you might just want to […]

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