Disney FROZEN Winter Party

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  FROZEN party Table

Have you seen the new Disney movie, FROZEN, yet? We all loved it and know it will be a classic for years to come! I thought it was the right balance of girl power, sisterly love, and some romance, too. Anyway, besides the music and characters, one of my favorite things about the movie is the magical, beautiful icy wonderland that they animated. It is perfect for this time of year and was the inspiration for this FROZEN-themed party we threw for some of our friends last week. It was a more of a fun wintry Christmas Party than a birthday party, but this post should give you lots of ideas for the FROZEN birthday parties you will throw in the future, because I guarantee, there will be lots of requests for them!

FROZEN  at Walmart

Our journey into FROZEN territory began at Walmart, where we shopped for FROZEN merchandise, both to add to the ambience of our party and to give as favors to our guests. There are some fun, easy-to-find displays in the stores now.I also found lots of other products and paper supplies there to put our fete together.

FROZEN party Anna and Elsa-0058

I decided the stars of the show needed to be the stars of my dessert table, so I got these Anna and Elsa dolls in their ball gowns (The skirts reveal patterns when dampened with accompanying applicator). I also got lots of other books and merchandise to give as favors to our guests (more on that in a minute).

Elsa’s Winter Wonderland

FROZEN party Winter Tablescape-0001

The main focal point of the party was the icy dessert table I designed to try and capture the magic of the winter wonderland Elsa creates in the movie.

FROZEN party Winter backdrop-0008


I wanted the table to glow so I used lots of lights, like the icicle lights I hung from the front of the table and especially the blue lights (both found at Walmart) I hung in the background to give the effect of The Aurora Borealis that you can see in the movies. In order to do this I had to diffuse the lights quite a bit. I used a couple of my friend’s grey curtain sheers over the top of the lights and in front of that, I used an inexpensive clear plastic shower curtain. It looked a bit like a sheet of ice. I staged the table in front of our sliding glass door so as it got dark outside, the lights really shone.  FROZEN party Winter backdrop-0006

I found this blue shimmery fabric I fell in love with at Walmart because it reminded me so much of Elsa’s cape when she is creating her ice castle. I draped it like her cape down the center of the table.

FROZEN ice castle-9992

I actually tried to figure out a way to get a real ice sculpture or rather, and ice castle frozen from a mold, but between the lack of a mold and the warmth of Phoenix, the icy ice castle was not meant to be. Still, I created an icy looking edifice without the freezing temperatures. It may not be quite as magnificent as the palace Elsa builds, but it gave the effect we were going for on the table. I just made it from a glass block, a styrofoam cone, icicle ornaments, and hot glue.

FROZEN logo letters-0003

The other DIY I did for the table was to create this frosty-looking version of the letters of the FROZEN logo.

FROZEN logo letters-0070

I found a logo on-line and enlarged it and printed it out. Of course, the resolution wasn’t good, but it didn’t matter much when I covered all of the letters in hot glue and then cut them out.

FROZEN logo letters DIY-9986

FROZEN Willow Tree-0005


I used this lighted branch to resemble the glowing willow branches in the movie.


I also had snowflakes hung against the backdrop and these giant ones hanging from the railing led our guests into the party area.

Dessert Table food

On the table were a variety of white desserts.

The snowballs were supposed to be powdered donut holes, but I could only find mini-donuts. The snowflake pretzels were perfect for the theme. Anna is hanging out by some Scandinavian chocolates (Remember that part in the movie?). And I found some snowman-shaped marshmallows to serve as Olaf’s friends.

FROZEN party supplies-0066

The frosty, sparkly plates, snowflake napkins and cube cups were all from Walmart. I don’t know how I ended up with out a picture, but the cups held “Sven’s Carrots” with dressing in the bottom all served on a tray of ice.

Scandinavian Feast and Frozen Food

This would be a great party for my 6-year-old daughter and her friends but they have had a lot of great parties lately and we decided that since we all loved this movie it would be most fun to invite families of friends so we could all enjoy the event. Since we had adults and kids we chose food that would appeal to both. The inspiration for the setting of FROZEN is Scandinavia (specifically Norway) so we prepared some food that might be found in that part of the world, in addition to the fun desserts and food mentioned in the movie like the chocolate and carrots.

FROZEN party food-0010

We served Swedish meatballs, mini potatoes, gravy and sauce. Fishing is really important in that part of that world so I had BSB whip up some appetizers out of smoked salmon.

FROZEN party food-0011

These were really yummy! Little slices of baguette topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon. He made one variety with lingonberry jam, another with capers, and a 3rd that was more of a typical bruschetta with the addition of the salmon and topped with melted mozzarella cheese. We served hot cocoa with the warm foods, as well.

FROZEN party food-0012

I made snowflake food tags and used the snowflake napkin rings to hold them in place.

FROZEN party food labels-0063

So I hope Olaf wasn’t offended that we were drinking him. :-)

FROZEN ice water Olaf-0013

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

FROZEN Marshmallow Olafs-0057


After eating, we made our own marshmallow Olafs.

FROZEN Marshmallow Olafs-0018


To make Olaf out of marshmallows I got three different sizes of marshmallows. Minis for the feet, jumbo for the body, normal-sized for the upper body, and for the head, I cut the jumbo marshmallows in half.

FROZEN Marshmallow Olafs-0026


I used melted white chocolate and toothpicks to hold the marshmallows together (and for the arms). Black round sprinkles for the eyes, chocolate chips for the buttons. And I found the Jelly Belly candies shaped like carrots that made perfect noses. I had a couple of edible ink pens for drawing details on the faces.

FROZEN Marshmallow Olafs-0019


It was so fun to watch the kids come up with their creations.

Marshmallow Olaf

FROZEN Elephant {Reindeer?} Game

FROZEN gift exchange-0028

Since this party was at Christmastime and there were so many fun FROZEN goodies I wanted to share, we had a “FROZEN elephant” gift game. I wrapped up enough gifts for each family to have one and then we drew numbers to see which family would choose first. They could open a new gift or steal one from someone else. We had a lot of fun doing this. Most of the kids didn’t want to steal, but I will say, the Olaf toy was probably the favorite.

FROZEN gifts

Everyone had a blast and loved their presents!

FROZEN gift exchange-0030 FROZEN gift exchange-0032 FROZEN gift exchange-0031   FROZEN gift exchange-0027

I’d love to hear if you end up throwing a FROZEN party of your own!



  1. We just saw this movie today and loved it!

  2. This is so fun, Kendra (as always)! I love the icy look to everything – and how yummy your Scandinavian spread was! I bet the “FROZEN elephant” exchange was super fun!! #client

  3. These are some wonderful ideas! I’m hosting a Frozen party for my daughter’s 6th birthday on Jan. 18. So, I might be borrowing some of these ideas to fill in my plan. Thank you! It’s so hard to find unique ideas that look beautiful. I’m one of those ‘over the top mom’s’ with one child, so the sky is the limit for me….even if it breaks the bank, lol.

  4. What did you use for Olaf’s nose? A jelly belly candy? I’m not familiar with anything like that. Can you give me a bit more detail?

    • I found a package of Jelly Belly brand “peas and carrots” candy, so they were shaped like carrots! I found them at the dollar store. If you don’t have any luck with these, you might use Mike and Ikes (they’ll be a little bigger) or jelly beans. Good luck!

  5. were the glitter plates only available during the holidays or something Wal Mart always has?

  6. thank you

  7. Thank you..awesome ideas..My daughter is celebrating her 7th Birthday and she wanted Frozen to be the theme..I am surely borrowing some of your fun ideas..

  8. I am looking at doing a Frozen Party for my daughter’s birthday b/c she loves it. However, it is in May. Any cute ideas anyone can share to put a spin on a frozen birthday in the summer?

    • My daughter’s birthday is in May also. I really want to do a Frozen theme for her birthday even though it’ll be like 80 degrees by then lol. I was thinking of doing frozen hot chocolate, blue punch with ice cream (there’s a recipe floating around for that somewhere). I think it’ll be kind of cool to a “winter in the summer” type thing. I’m gonna hang up snowflakes and white Christmas lights and do my best to make it look like a winter wonderland :)

      • Great ideas, Greta! (You can see my response to Whitney for more ideas). I like your punch idea! I would think you could just float vanilla ice cream in blue Koolaid or gatorade (maybe mixed with Sprite for flavor). They would look like icebergs, I think. You can definitely serve more icy stuff when the weather is warm. I’d love to hear a report after your party! Good luck!

    • You could have a summer section and a Frozen section. Watch Olaf singing about Summer for inspiration. He has a little picnic. You could have a picnic in Arendale (sp?) for starters, and then maybe transition to wintry Frozen activities and desserts (shaved ice, ice cream, etc). I actually hoped to have a section that was decorated more like the castle with the rich colors and flower designs of the kingdom (remember the ball at the beginning of the movie?) as well as the frozen ice palace table that I ended up doing. Good luck!

  9. Mercedes Rodriguez says:

    Love your labels for the food, etc. Where did you get it from? Please share. Thank you!

    • I made them, Mercedes. I thought about sharing the printables, but figured everyone would have different food items. Maybe I could do some of the more generic ones? Which would you be interested in?

  10. Roberta Cunningham says:

    These are great!! Did you prepare make the marshmellow snowmen before the kids arrived? Wasn’t sure how hot melted chocolate would be with the kids? I’m having a “Frozen Tea Party” in April. We tried another Olaf recipe and my g/daughters were frustrated cuz the marshmellows wouldn’t stay together. I’m having 2-8 year olds. Thanks so much!

  11. Hi, could you share the generic background for the food tags? I am planning a Frozen Coronation Ice Skating Party and love the tags. I want to make my own food labels so the background is all I need.

    Thank you!


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