Frozen Birthday Party

Frozen Birthday Party decorations

Since I posted my Disney’s FROZEN-themed winter party on the blog in December, it has quickly become one of my most pinned posts on Pinterest! I predicted that it would be the hot–or should I say “cool”–choice of birthday party themes for all of the little princesses out there and I was right! Last weekend both my sister and another friend hosted Frozen birthdays for their little girls and asked me for ideas. And now with the DVD release, I am sure the enthusiasm for the movie will only grow!

Today I am sharing some pictures from the party my sister threw for her 7 year old who has become obsessed with Elsa. She took some ideas from my FROZEN post, my FROZEN Pinterest Board, and also had a lot of great ideas of her own.

Elsa gown dress-up Frozen

It always helps to start with an enthusiastic birthday girl who really gets in to the theme of the party. My little niece is so serious about being Elsa from FROZEN in her dress my mom made for her that she wouldn’t break character to smile. I haven’t seen the dress in person, but it looks like my mom made a pretty simple shape of dress, but made sure to get sparkly fabric for both the dress and the long cape! The key to Elsa is sparkle!

Frozen Birthday Party-6

A lot of white and frosty decorations in a blue room make for a great atmosphere. I believe the party guests are playing pin the carrot on Olaf’s nose in this picture. Can you see Elsa’s long train flying behind her?

Frozen Birthday Party-5

You can pull out your Christmas/winter decorations for this party. And/or add some white or icy blue candy to your glass containers to add some color and keep the frosty appearance.

Frozen Birthday Party-4

These snowball trees double as centerpieces for the banquet table and dessert later. They are powdered donut holes stuck into a foam cone with toothpicks. She also used foam balls as snowball place card holders for the royal feast (the birthday girl thought they needed to have some stickers on them). Cut one side of the foam ball so it sits flat and make a slit in the top for the cards. Easy peasy!

Frozen Birthday Party-7

And here is a FROZEN feast fit for finicky royal guests. Olaf cheese sticks (face drawn with edible marker), blue ice cubes (jello), Olaf noses (carrots), frozen grapes, and white macaroni and cheese.

Frozen Birthday Party-8

For drinks, she froze blue Hawaiian Punch in ice cube trays, then added Sprite to the cubes when it was time to serve the drinks.

Frozen Birthday Party-9

She used the crown template found at My Sister’s Suitcase to cut these crowns out of sparkly foam. Then the children got to decorate their crowns with jewel stickers. Great craft and party favor in one! (Don’t forget the sparkles!)

Frozen Birthday Party-10

They also apparently wanted to build snowmen (get it?). They followed the directions from my party about how to make their own marshmallow Olafs.

Frozen Birthday Party-11

For a simple but high impact cake think rock candy! She baked a round cake and added a smaller cake on top (She has a mini-wedding cake pan. You could build it up with cupcakes or cut rounds out of a larger cake). She built it up a bit with frosting and used the higher part as the structure to hold the rock candy that gives the effect of Elsa’s ice castle or an icy blast.

Frozen Birthday Party-12

The kids loved it! I also like the purple candle and the candy border.

Thanks to my sister, Shanda, for the pictures and for letting me post her version of the insanity today! For more ideas follow my Frozen Party Ideas Pinterest board, where I will continue to add all of the best FROZEN ideas I come across.

Are you planning a FROZEN party for a little Elsa, Anna, or Olaf this year

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