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This is a picture of New Year’s Eve. No, that’s her name. She was born on New Year’s Day, her name is Eve, and I had the opportunity to celebrate her birthday with her this year.

Sparkle birthday-8795

It was a bright and sparkly event–as a bubbly 5-year-old girl’s birthday should be. I was happy to help her mom add some glitter and bling to the festivities.

Sparkle birthday-8805

The black and white birthday sign they pull out for every birthday, we added the gold Christmas tree ornaments (literally from off of my Christmas Tree) with pink glittered letters to the sign to personalize it for her special day. We lined the room with gold dot garland which my mom had sewn for another niece’s wedding last year (hoping to blog that one, too). I’m all about recycling when it comes to party decor (which is why I need to invest in a large storage shed…but I digress.) The garland and clear balloons filled with glitter and gold and silver confetti, brought the whole room to life!

Sparkle birthday-8791

My sister made this pretty cake. She painted a gold gel onto the fondant on the bottom layer and while it was still wet added the gold sparkles–hugging them on to the cake to get them to stick. Sparkle birthday-8792

So this DIY took a while since we had so many family members coming to celebrate New Year’s Day and Eve’s Birthday, but it was totally worth it.

Sparkle birthday-8803

We glittered the bottoms of gold and pink cups. My favorites are the ones with the chunky confetti.

Sparkle birthday-8804

We painted Mod Podge where we wanted the glitter (you could use thinned glue). Because Mod Podge dries clear we also painted a coat over the top of the glitter to seal it on the cups and keep it from getting all over the big guests.

Sparkle birthday-8814

Sparkle birthday-8869

My mom made dozens of her delicious traditional New Year’s Donuts…which we promptly consumed.

Sparkle party raccoon coat

I also have to show you this adorable raccoon jacket my mom sewed for this little miss. I can’t believe that this was just a Simplicity pattern they found at the fabric store. I love it in pink, and apparently Eve does, too and wears it every day.

Sparkle girl photo collage

But perhaps the most fun part of the celebration, was our glitter Photoshoot–inspired by some sparkly pictures I had seen on Pinterest. We set up a large bed sheet as our backdrop/groundcover and went to town with a couple of bags of gold and silver confetti and my camera snapping away.

mother daughter sparkle collage

I absolutely love the shots of the birthday girl and her mom playing in the confetti. They were tossing it around, but there was a more dramatic effect when we also let the bigger girls sprinkle it on the photo subjects from above.

sparkle photoshoot cousins

Of course, that made for some closed eyed pictures , but I love those shots, too.

Sparkle birthday-8824

I designed this poster for the party and also to go in the room of the birthday girl after the party. After our photoshoot, we really did trail sparkle everywhere we went (they will be finding that in vents and crannies for years to come, I bet, but sparkle makes you smile. It’s much more fun to find than dust mites!)

We printed it out the poster in large format and then my sister used a small paintbrush to paint glue on the letters of the word “Sparkle” and on the dots and glittered them with chunky pink glitter. I think it would also be fabulous with gold or silver glitter…or really anything that sparkles and shines.
Sparkle birthday-8815

You can do the same thing! I’m sharing my printable poster with you. It is designed to be printed at 11×17, but I think you could adjust it smaller if you need. Click the link below for the pdf to make a sparkle sign for your favorite sparkly person. Maybe it’s you!

Sparkle poster

Sparkle poster

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