Frugal Friday: A few finished projects and fun finds!

It’s Frugal Friday over at The Shabby Nest. I thought about just linking up this post, where I show all of my frugally acquired projects (still currently in their before state) so you all can give me your wonderful advice…(I’d still love it if you’d go there and leave your fabulous furniture makeover advice in […]

Back to School Bashes

I know it feels strange to be thinking about school uniforms and class supplies when it’s 110 outside, but in just a couple of weeks, my kids will be back in school. So whether you are sad to see them go, and want one last hurrah before that fateful day, or whether you are counting […]

A Bunch of “Before’s”—Refinishing (repurposing) Furniture—What do you do?

Now that I am starting to recover from girls camp (yes, it’s been a few weeks…I am a wimp), all of my projects that have been on the back burner are clamoring for my attention, and I’m having a bit of ADHD jumping around from room to room and wanting to get it all done […]

Shanda & Preston-Summer Fun Wedding

Yesterday was my sister’s 4th wedding anniversary. She asked me to send her some wedding photos (since I have them all, since I offered to scrapbook them for her. What? It’s only been 4 years! I have a page or two done already!) Looking through the pictures I was reminded of what a fun wedding […]

The Log Book–(or paper bag album) A Girls Camp Craft

Have you ever written an entire post to lose the whole thing just before hitting the publish button? Yea…that’s me tonight (I was using LiveWriter instead of Blogger). Kind of takes the wind out of my sails, but I will try and be as witty and informative as I was the first time. (No promises, […]

Potter Party Anyone?

So I’m not the world’s biggest Harry Potter fan (like it, but not fanatical), but I don’t live under a rock, and I know that there is a new movie coming out this week, and I know some of you are excited beyond belief about it. If you are one of those people, you have […]

Life Preserver Picture Frame (Camp Craft #2)

View Full Album In thinking about the kinds of crafts I wanted to do for camp, I really wanted to come up with crafts that would serve a function, other than just looking cute. Remember our theme was “GO NAVY” (Gospel Oriented Noble and Valiant Youth), nautical/military. When I first conceived the idea of a […]

Door Dilemma Solved—and other painting projects

…we interrupt the Girls Camp Craft report to make a special announcement….The front door has been painted!… When we bought our house, more than a year ago, we knew something would have to be done about the door. When it was painted the first time, the hardware must have already been in place. When it […]

Patriotic Thank you Gifts (Girls Camp)

If you have been reading my blog, you might mistakenly think that I don’t celebrate the 4th of July. That isn’t the case at all. It just crept up right after Girls’ Camp and in the middle of helping my SIL to get ready to move into her new house (a mile away from me, […]

Like A Lighthouse Girls Camp Craft

First I’d like to thank everyone that answered my call on this post for ideas. I really did use your comments to help determine the final design of this project. Our theme was navy/nautical this year, so the lighthouse was a recurring symbol through out camp. My goal was to make crafts with a function, […]