Magnificent Motherhood Mothers Day Celebration

This Mother’s Day I want to recognize a mom who’s blog has really had an impact on me personally.  I guarantee I’m not the only one who feels this way, and I’m sure she doesn’t need any more publicity, but I want to continue to promote the ideals that she does on her blog…that motherhood […]

Magnifent Mothers run late sometimes :-)

I hope you are all getting your posts ready for the Magnificent Motherhood party.  I intended to have the post and Mr. Linky up by now, but went to bed ill at 7:00, last night.  This morning, I have to go be the mother at my son’s Mothers Day Tea party at school.  So it […]

An Earthy Easter

easter egg placecard

Do I get extra credit for blogging about our Easter Dinner before Mother’s Day is here.  I like to look at it as helping you get a headstart on next year’s Easter (not me being really behind in posting). One day I was given a bunch of beautiful pastel goblets by a friend who was […]

Magnificent Motherhood–A Special Mothers Day Celebration

I have been thinking about this for nearly a year, yet when it comes to sitting down to write this post, I have found myself struggling to know just how to say it… I know I am not the only blogger out there that struggles to find the balance between the time and energy I […]

May Day Mayhem

Once upon a time, and many years ago…(sorry, that’s how my play last night started, but it really fits for this post)…I came home from school on a May 1st to find a May Day Celebration waiting for me! My older sisters were home from college, and while we were all at school, they did […]

Coming Attractions

Have you missed me?  Probably not with Trina’s awesome posts (scroll down). I’ve been just a little bit busy… …with this… …and this… …and this… …and this… …and this… …and this… (O.K. so this one was really all my mom, and she helped with lots of the other projects, too.) …and a bunch more stuff […]

Surprise Dinner–Make mealtime a fun mystery!

Surprise Mystery Dinner

Guest post by Kendra’s sister, Trina.  This is a fantastic idea that can be adapted for so many events/parties.  Read on… Here are my boys filling out their menus. A Bit Late for April Fool’s, But Fun Nonetheless (Surprise Dinner)  I love this idea because it’s a way to make an occasion special and fun […]

Budget Boys Room Decor

Guest post by Kendra’s sister, Trina, who isn’t only insanely creative, but also extremely cheap–that runs in our family, too!   I feel unqualified to talk about home décor because I don’t do too much of it, and what I do do is more often dictated most by how inexpensively it can be done. So, […]

A Good Knight Party

(Yes the pun in the title is totally intended.  This is another guest post by Kendra’s certifiably insane sister, Trina.  If you don’t believe she’s all that crazy, read on…)   In recent years, our two older boys have often opted to forgo a big friend party in favor of a bigger outing with only […]

Bionicle Birthday (or Bionicles 101 for mothers)

(Guest Post by Trina, one of Kendra’s crazily creative sisters) When my oldest son turned 11, he asked for a Bionicle Birthday. This party ended up being pretty easy, considering he chose to take a couple of friends to a local trampoline place (it had nothing to do with his theme, but was a great […]