Lucky Me??? Please Vote!

Remember my Lucky Leprechauns, inspired by the download from Gourmet Mom? Well, they are finalists in Gourmet Mom’s Leapin’ Leprechauns Cookoff, and I could be lucky enough to win a great prize package from So…if you have a minute, I would love your vote on the sidebar at Gourmet Mom (Kendra’s Lucky Leprechaun Cake)! […]

Lucky Leprechaun Cake

lucky leperachan cake

So I’m not throwing a fancy St. Patrick’s Day dinner tonight, but I did make this cake to celebrate the occassion. Well, that and Gourmet Mom threw down a challenge to come up with a clever way to use her cute leprechaun downloadables. And you know how I love a challenge! I decided the best […]

St. Patrick’s Day Rueben Loaf Recipe

ruben loaf

(Cute Kim and her perfect Rueben Loaf) Are you still looking for a fun recipe for a St. Patrick’s meal? I’ve got a fun one for you! I’m not sure I’m a huge corned beef and cabbage fan, normally, but this is a really fun and tasty version of that traditional meal! My good friend […]

Too Cute Teapot Cake and Cupcakes

Just a quick post to show you this adorable cake and cupcakes made by a reader of My Insanity. I mention that because that is how I found her. I really wish that I could claim to be the inspiration behind this brilliance, but I’m afraid this insanity all belongs to the mommy of The […]

Cacao Cravings–A Chocolate-Themed Gourmet Group Dinner

chocolate dinner

Are you ready for Chocolate Overload? Here is the report on our Chocolate-themed gourmet group dinner, this year. Invitation: These are the invitations I created. I purchased the Belgian Chocolate Bars from Fresh & Easy (Will they twitter about me again?) and wrapped them in gold tissue paper. Then I made wrappers out of the […]

Big News–More Motivation to Clean!

Remember these gorgeous gloves I mentioned in my first Spring Cleaning post, here? Or maybe you prefer these sassy black and white ones… …with a splash of green gingham? Well, what ever your inner domestic diva craves, I have fantastic news for you! Julie Meyer of this fantastic Etsy store, has agreed to give away […]

Kick Starting My Spring Cleaning

Yes, I will blog all about gourmet group, soon, but now that that is done, I need a serious kick in the pants to get going on my Spring Cleaning and organizing projects. I’ve made a button that you are welcome to distribute all over blogland! I figure if you all are counting on me […]

Gourmet Group Glimpse

I am happy to report that our chocolate-themed gourmet group dinner last night, was a big hit! The rest of the report will have to wait until next week, since, in just a few minutes, I’m going to shut down the computer (and quit doing catch-up laundry), to join in our church’s Emergency Preparedness Weekend. […]

Sophisticating St. Patrick’s Day

sophisticated St. Patrick's Day

A couple of years ago my friend, Kim, and I set out to plan a St. Patrick’s Day-themed Gourmet Group dinner. After doing lots of research, I felt a little less than enthused, because most of the authentic food I could find consisted of basic potato soups, and even worse, most of the décor ideas […]

March–My Official Spring Cleaning Month

I was supposed to be posting about our fabulous Chocolate-themed (yes, you were right) gourmet group dinner this weekend, but I happened to come down with strep throat the night before, and rather than share that with my dinner guests, we postponed gourmet group. Bummer, right? I will post details as soon as it happens. […]