Growing Easter

growing wheatgrass for Easter

What a difference a day makes!: Remember the picture I posted of these guys yesterday? Well this is what they look like today! At this rate, they may need a haircut before Easter! If you don’t think you’d have time to grow some wheatgrass, check out this idea I did last year. UPDATE (April 9, […]

Easter Decor: All About Wheatgrass!

growing wheatgrass sprouts

Any idea what this is? Well, I will tell you. A few weeks ago, inspired by the recent acquisition of a set of 12 pastel goblets, and wanting to justify their existence (they were free, just not something you use everyday)–I got the crazy idea to host Easter dinner for my husband’s family. Well, it […]

The Lucky Spring Cleaner is…

Alayna of Alayna’s Creations! Congratulations! I had this cute girl pick a number between 1-6 and she chose #4. Our 4th participant in the Spring Cleaning Party is Alayna, who is also, now the lucky winner of some fabulous gloves from Julie Meyer’s etsy shop, like these: I know. I want some too! I still […]

The Incredible Edible? Egg

eggs tie-dyed

Aren’t these the most amazing Easter eggs you have ever seen? The are literally “tie-dyed” with silk ties (or scarves). Do you think my husband would notice if a couple of ties went missing? I should note that there was some discussion in the comments section about whether it is OK to eat eggs dyed […]

Good Clean Fun: Official Spring Cleaning Party Post

Welcome! Are you ready for some good clean fun! We’ve been working hard this month and now it’s time to party! OK, so it may not be as much fun as my Party Party, but I’ve got music! And a fantastic prize! I’m really hoping we can inspire and motivate each other in our domestic […]

Graduation: Lucky Winner & Lucky You

The very lucky winner of the $25 Gift Certificate to Favor Affair is “nkh.” Congratulations! Let us know how you spend the $$$ (nkh, I don’t have your contact information, please email me here)! But the rest of you are still lucky because I found a way to post my template for this graduation announcement/invitation: […]

Insanity Unplugged

I participated in Kimba’s unplugged Friday….mostly. My goal was to keep the computer off the whole day. I did remember some banking I needed to do, and since I do everything online, I had to get on for a little bit to take care of business, but I didn’t do anything blog related at all […]

My New Insanity: Photography!

I should be sleeping, but I’m too excited about the new things I learned today! A few weeks ago, I was the lucky winner of a free photography workshop from Pied Piper Photography, from the Give Away Today blog! I know…I am a super lucky girl! I have been wanting to take some kind of […]

Graduation Day & a GIVEAWAY!

graduation template

I was just starting to get excited about Easter, when the folks at Favor Affair reminded me that graduation isn’t all that far off for some of us and those planning any sort of graduation festivities better get planning (don’t worry, back to Easter and birthday parties, soon). So I dug up the announcements I […]

Misc. Insanity

Lots of business to talk about briefly.First of all don’t forget about the Spring Cleaning Party here next week. I really need to get myself in gear and get a bit more done so I have something blog-worthy to share with you. Wendy at the Shabby Nest has posted some great Spring Cleaning tips. I […]