Space Favors & Fun

The day before the party, I took my son to Denny’s for his birthday breakfast, and to buy 10 of these rocket cups. After searching around on-line, I knew these would make the best favors, and the waitress was great about it, letting me pick the colors I wanted and everything. I filled each rocket […]

Blast off–The Rocket Launch!

The main event of the birthday party was the rocket launch–and it was a big hit! (Or should we say, “a blast!”?) My husband and I used empty 2 liter pop bottles, glued on fins and nose cones and spray painted it all to make the rockets. This post has the link where we got […]

Rocket Party–Astronaut Food & Drink

Remember these cafeteria trays from this event? Well, it turns out, they make good astronaut trays, too. Most of the food we served was pre-packaged (like it would have to be for space). I just printed off labels with space names, like “Galactic Grape H2O,” “Atomic Applesauce,” and “Cosmic Carrots.” The main dish was make-your-own […]

The moon is made of cake (birthday cake!)

My computer time seems to be coming in smaller chunks lately, so I am going to spread the coverage of the rocket/space ship/astronaut birthday, over a few, more manageable posts. This is a strong contender for the easiest cake I’ve ever made. I’ve used this Wilton sports ball pan for all kinds of cakes–except any […]

Stellar Invitations

I was excited enough about the invitations I made for my son’s rocket/space themed birthday, that I thought that they deserved their own post.  I will be posting about the rest of the party, soon.  I designed these to fit in a standard letter-sized envelope.  I used the space background with a tone-on-tone countdown, highlighting […]

Wii love to party!

I think we are probably the only family in the country who doesn’t own a Wii. Just because that is a fact that probably won’t be changing anytime in the near future, doesn’t mean that I don’t think a Wii-themed party would be lots of fun. My sister, Trina, just threw an Olympics/Wii-themed party for […]

Trenton’s Truck Birthday

As I am starting to get ready for my son’s big astronaut party, I thought it would be fun to share some of what we did last year for his 3rd b-day…A construction/truck party. Going completely against my nature, I bought invitations this time. This was only because the invitation was the exact concept I […]

Water Rockets

I found a great post on the water rockets I’m thinking of doing with the kids, here. They did even more than I was planning to make them look great. I’m still a little fuzzy on the physics of it all, but that is my husband’s department. I’m exclusively in the aesthetics department.

Boys Birthdays

I had to post these cool Lego cupcakes for all of my Lego-obsessed nephews and their (Lego-obsessed Dads) one of them just had a Lego birthday, I think. They are from Hello Naomi. Look at all of her great cupcakes here. Including these robot cupcakes…which go perfectly with this great robot party from the Hostess […]

Pirate Files

I’m saving this idea for Trenton’s pirate birthday in a year and 4 months. Yes, it is a little ridiculous that I am planning a birthday party for more than a year out, but we are trying to stay on track for the space/astronaut-themed birthday this September, so we have decided that pirates are next […]