Lucky Leprechaun Cake

lucky leperachan cake

So I’m not throwing a fancy St. Patrick’s Day dinner tonight, but I did make this cake to celebrate the occassion. Well, that and Gourmet Mom threw down a challenge to come up with a clever way to use her cute leprechaun downloadables. And you know how I love a challenge! I decided the best […]

Too Cute Teapot Cake and Cupcakes

Just a quick post to show you this adorable cake and cupcakes made by a reader of My Insanity. I mention that because that is how I found her. I really wish that I could claim to be the inspiration behind this brilliance, but I’m afraid this insanity all belongs to the mommy of The […]

Cacao Cravings–A Chocolate-Themed Gourmet Group Dinner

chocolate dinner

Are you ready for Chocolate Overload? Here is the report on our Chocolate-themed gourmet group dinner, this year. Invitation: These are the invitations I created. I purchased the Belgian Chocolate Bars from Fresh & Easy (Will they twitter about me again?) and wrapped them in gold tissue paper. Then I made wrappers out of the […]

LOVE-ly Cakes

heart cake

OK. I think this will be my last Valentine’s Post, since it is Valentine’s Day already and the stores are all moving on to what? The 4th of July? I just wanted to show you these LOVE-ly cakes my sister made for a school fundraiser. Together they brought-in nearly $100! Maybe some last-minute dessert inspiration. […]

High-Octane Birthdays!

A friend of mine is having a car-themed birthday for her son who is turning 4, and wanted a few ideas, so I thought I would share with you all! I did a car birthday for my son when he turned 2. Since he was 2, it wasn’t a huge event, but I was pretty […]

It Was The Bomb!–Kim Possible Birthday Party

Kim Possible Birthday

My daughter is all about girl power (Nancy Drew, Kim Possible, and I still have to post about Mulan). This was her 6 year-old birthday a couple of years ago. And it wasn’t just a party…It was an ADVENTURE! INVITATION: You see here one of the “kimmunicators” we made for invitations. The screen was a […]

Candyland Birthday Inspiration

Oops! Somehow I pressed publish before I even wrote this post. I’d better hurry and finish it before people think I’ve lost it…Oh, nevermind. They already know I have! One of my friends has a daughter that is turning 4 in a couple of weeks, and though I know all too well the challenge a […]

I’m a Pop Star :-)

Remember these? Well they were included in Bakerella’s latest montage of cupcake pops from around the world. My pops are featured for about 2 seconds, 2/3 of the way through the long montage, but Bakerella called me (and everyone else featured) a pop star! It’s fun to see what everyone has done with her clever […]

The Great Pumpkin Pumpkin Cake

Great pumpkin cake

I had a couple of pumpkin-themed parties this weekend to tell you about. Remember the pumpkin baby shower ideas I shared here? Well, this is the cake I ended up making for the shower. It was a hit, so I thought I would share in case, you are in the market for something besides pumpkin […]

Lil’ Punkin–An Autumn Baby Shower

Birthdays and babies happen through out the year, so how do you handle one of those events when so many holiday decorations and festivities have over taken your house? One way is to use the seasonal theme for your party. I am helping with a baby shower for my sister-in-law, and we decided to go […]