Mending Makeovers

Miracle Worker Week (the week my parents come to stay and help me work on projects) is in full swing! There is all kinds of insanity going on here! I’m getting excited to be able to show you some “after’s” soon, especially since it feels like I can’t get much of anything done lately, between […]

How About Orange?

I’m borrowing the name of this cool blog, for my post, today, because I need some help with the color orange. (And I get the best help from my brilliant readers!) My sister was very inspired by this living room she found at Decor Pad. We love the punches of orange against the cool blue. […]

Extreme Makeover—FURNITURE Edition ROUND-UP (and other stuff)

So much to blog…so little time, when I am not feeling too pukey, or playing Starfall with my not-yet-2-year-old. And yes! You are all so smart! The reason I am feeling pukey, is my newest creative venture–a new addition to our family in the very first part of May. So, this is officially my excuse […]

Extreme Makeover—FURNITURE Edition

With apologies to ABC, I welcome you to our insane Extreme Makeover Furniture edition. Please join in the fun by linking your makeover post below. Any post of a home decor/furnishing nature with a before and after picture is welcome. I am especially hoping to get some posts with your tips, lessons learned, favorite products, […]

Mini-Makeovers & An Announcement

I’m aware my posting has been pretty light this week. Among the reasons for this, is that I am still putting together a little insanity to celebrate our anniversary (late) tonight. Another reason, is that I have been working on little projects all week, but instead of getting them done one at a time and […]

Sharing Home Decor Insanity

I love the inspiration I get from all of you when I ask for a little advice on my blog. In response to my plea request for furniture refinishing advice, one reader, Jenny, emailed me this gorgeous picture of her banister. She used a tinted polyurethane product I didn’t know existed and made the whole […]

Frugal Friday: A few finished projects and fun finds!

It’s Frugal Friday over at The Shabby Nest. I thought about just linking up this post, where I show all of my frugally acquired projects (still currently in their before state) so you all can give me your wonderful advice…(I’d still love it if you’d go there and leave your fabulous furniture makeover advice in […]

A Bunch of “Before’s”—Refinishing (repurposing) Furniture—What do you do?

Now that I am starting to recover from girls camp (yes, it’s been a few weeks…I am a wimp), all of my projects that have been on the back burner are clamoring for my attention, and I’m having a bit of ADHD jumping around from room to room and wanting to get it all done […]

Door Dilemma Solved—and other painting projects

…we interrupt the Girls Camp Craft report to make a special announcement….The front door has been painted!… When we bought our house, more than a year ago, we knew something would have to be done about the door. When it was painted the first time, the hardware must have already been in place. When it […]

Before Pic–should there be an after?

My Easter post will be coming soon, but I’d love some input from all of you brilliant bloggers and readers about this lovely (read sarcasm) piece of furniture. We inherited a decent table and four of these chairs a few months ago (Don’t you love how I never pay for things?). The table is oak, […]