Magnificent Motherhood Mothers Day Celebration

This Mother’s Day I want to recognize a mom who’s blog has really had an impact on me personally.  I guarantee I’m not the only one who feels this way, and I’m sure she doesn’t need any more publicity, but I want to continue to promote the ideals that she does on her blog…that motherhood […]

Magnificent Motherhood–A Special Mothers Day Celebration

I have been thinking about this for nearly a year, yet when it comes to sitting down to write this post, I have found myself struggling to know just how to say it… I know I am not the only blogger out there that struggles to find the balance between the time and energy I […]

Making Mothers’ Day

I intended to do this post a couple of days ago, but things have been a little nuts, here.  Incase you are still looking for ideas, several of these can be done quickly, and you’ve still got two days, so here are some things you can make for Mothers’ day gifts… Envelope Mini-Album My friend, […]

Mothers Day Do’s

It seems like holidays keep sneaking up on me this year.  I’m sure all of you know exactly what you are doing for whom this Mother’s Day weekend, but just in case you are still waiting for inspiration to strike, I am going to highlight a few different kinds of Mother’s Day ideas through out […]