Super “SOUPer” Bowl

This post is actually about someone elses insanity, not mine, but I wanted to share these fun ideas. I went to my gourmet group dinner last night put on by a friend of mine. I loved her fresh take on super bowl fare and her clever ideas. I asked her if I could share on my blog, if I gave her credit. She said she didn’t want credit and that I could even claim the ideas as my own. Tempting…but then how could you trust me anymore? So we’ll just refer to my friend as T.

Here are some of her party specs:

Invitations…were designed to look like tickets to the big game, but instead invited us to the “souper” bowl. Very cute!

Table Settings… Tables were set with black tableclothes and REAL turf in the center. T says the turf was really messy so she wasn’t sure if it was the best idea. It was very fun though, maybe you could use a less nice tablecloth underneath. The other table I don’t have a picture of had the turf in a roll which looked really fun. There were little signs with our names on them that we stuck into the turf where we sat. Since we were getting to know new group members, we faced the name cards out so everyone could see what our names are.

At the place settings, she had a booklet tucked in each napkin that read “Souper Bowl Playbook.” This book contained all of the recipes that were used that evening.

Food…T put together a really fun menu! Each item, besides the sampling of soups, was a gourmet take on traditional Super Bowl dishes.

The appetizers:

Wingless Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Rachel Ray)

Popcorn with Rosemary Infused Oil (Giada)

Guacamole Salad (Barefoot Contessa)

Fresh Ginger Beer (Cooking Light) (btw, this is a non-alcoholic drink)

The soups:

Veloute of Vegetable Soup

Bistro French Onion Soup (Nordstrom Friends and Family Cookbook)

Baked Potato Soup (Nordstrom)

Tortilla Soup (Williams Sonoma)


Cream puffs with chocolate footballs

My favorites were the Guacamole salad and the Tortilla Soup! Everything was very yummy and it was especially fun to have some girl time!

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