Pup Cakes

My sister, Shanda, made these adorable cupcakes for her daughter’s first birthday. I believe she just used m&m’s and some string tips (correct me if I’m wrong, Shanda).
Anyway, supercute. (And I like the serving plate, too.)

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  1. Jensen Family says

    Kendra – those are darling! What are the ears made out of? Chocolate frosting? Way cute…


  2. Hey Mindy! How are you guys? Don’t you have a blog somewhere?

    Yes. I think the ears are just chocolate frosting. She confided that she used store bought frosting, which is nearly a sin in our family since our mom was always a “from-scratch” woman, but it is nice to be able to cut corners every once in a while. Especially in the name of cuteness!

  3. Ack!! Those are adorable. And I’m all about the store frosting. When it’s on sale for $1 a can, you can’t make it cheaper. Ü I buy a bunch and put it in our food storage closet, along with the cake mixes that were on sale for $1, too. I think that may have to be our next themed party! (2-year olds don’t get a say, do they??)

  4. Jensen Family says

    Kendra – We are all doing well…and I do have a blog:

    I love checking your site – it gives me a lot of motivation to update my site and lots of cute ideas!!


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