Crazy Cupcakes

These come from The Frantic Home Cook, who is quite possibly more insane than I am. She made cupcakes to look like each member of her daughter’s class at school. I don’t think I would attempt that (I can’t anyway, since they don’t allow us to bring homemade food anymore :-(), but I must be a little insane, since I have been pondering how to do these for our giant family reunion this summer. Actually, I would set it up so that the kids could make their own families in cupcakes. I think I would use flesh colored buttercream frosting, so they could frost their own cupcakes. The hard part would be pre-making all the different varieties of hair, so they could just choose the best one and assemble their cupcakes quickly. I used the melted chocolate technique she uses, to make Dora hair for Dora cupcakes for my daughter’s 3-year old birthday, and it worked really well.
It would be awfully cute, don’t you think? But is it a little too insane?

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  1. Frantic Home Cook says

    I hope people in your family look different. It’d be hard if everyone had the same color hair and eyes. 🙂

    Although I got the idea for this in a book where they drew a tree and put the cupcakes in the proper places with names like a family tree diagram.

    And I think the Dora hair would be super easy. I’d pipe extra royal icing in a pointed oval shape for her eyes.

    Good luck!

  2. We do have lots of variety in our family. Lots of red heads, for some reason!

    I think I must have seen that same book or magazine! I was thinking about giving each kid a cardboard box lid with a family tree glued to the bottom. Then they could place their cupcakes in the lid to take back to their parents. We’ll have to see!

  3. holley family says

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  4. I’m sorry – they don’t let you bring any homemade food to school???

  5. Nope – no homemade food to school in AZ! And Kendra, to answer your question: YES – too insane. Ü

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