Pirate Files

I’m saving this idea for Trenton’s pirate birthday in a year and 4 months. Yes, it is a little ridiculous that I am planning a birthday party for more than a year out, but we are trying to stay on track for the space/astronaut-themed birthday this September, so we have decided that pirates are next year. He still thinks he is having a Power Ranger birthday sometime, but I’m hoping by the following year I can steer him towards some superheroes that I actually know something about.

But anyway, I saw a friend post a picture of really cute version of this cake, but didn’t leave any instructions, so I was glad to find it again on the family fun website. Arrrgh, matey!

More space themed stuff to come in the few months…including the rocket-shaped beverage dispenser I found at Ross this weekend, for a mere $6. We are going to fill it with Tang! (Barry’s idea. I would have thought of it eventually, but he gets the credit, this time).

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