Clearly Cool (and crazy)!

Check out my friend, Becky’s blog, all of you serious scrapbookers, for all of the details on this “cool” acrylic album. Super cute, and quite challenging, as everything is visible, through the clear pages. It all has to work together and you can’t necessarily hide the messy back sides of things. She chose the perfect subject for this medium. Maybe I just love looking at it, because it makes me feel cool in our 110 degree weather. Isn’t this fun?I love her use of paint. This is the first I had ever heard of acrylic albums. (I’ve been hanging out in the digital world, lately). I think she got most of her materials at Hobby Lobby. Go to her page for more specs and to see the cute snowman she made on one page.

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  1. June from Video Scrapbook Tutorials says

    I love your acrylic album. I have never made one. I’ve shied away from the challenging aspect of making everything work. You have motivated me to get busy and start doing the acrylic album I bought and put away for “later.”

  2. Hi, Found your blog from the card you dropped on my site. So, I thought I’d stop by. I love the projects you have featured on your site. I’ll be back again.


  3. Craft Junkie says

    I just tried to leave a comment and it was eaten by the blogger monster! Grrrr!

    This album is beautiful but if I start one more craft it may cause a divorce. LOL (Can you tell that the nickname “Craft Junkie” really does fit me? lol)

  4. Thanks, Ladies!

    I will pass your kind words on to Becky. I, myself, am not ready to tackle this kind of project, either. My mind is too wrapped up in my house. This could be really fun around Christmas time, though. Maybe I will think about it then…I’m sure there won’t be anything else to do. 🙂


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