Wii love to party!

I think we are probably the only family in the country who doesn’t own a Wii. Just because that is a fact that probably won’t be changing anytime in the near future, doesn’t mean that I don’t think a Wii-themed party would be lots of fun.

My sister, Trina, just threw an Olympics/Wii-themed party for her son’s 5th birthday based on the game, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

She made the cake using the sports ball cake pan. She cut the continents out of colored rolled fondant, and used clean rubber stamps to stamp food coloring on fondant for the words. I have no idea how she made the characters so well, but I think she said it had something to do with some help from my artistic nieces.

The kids all spun the globe to choose which country they’d “represent,” then they made flags, and had a parade of nations. They also had a few “events” for the kids to participate in. Looks like a great party!
Around the same time, I came across this Wii bowling party on the Hostess blog.
I love the Wii details at this party. They found Wii shaped candy dispensers for favors and look at these…
Wouldn’t guests love this seeing themselves like this?!? Check out the Hostess blog for all of the details!
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  1. You are not alone…we don’t own a Wii either…although my oldest is BEGGING for one for Christmas. Very cute party, though!

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