Girls Night Out!

For a change, here is a party I just got to attend, and didn’t have to lift one crazy finger for. This party was a surprise for my friend, Kim’s birthday. Her husband gets BIG kudos for coming up with this and for providing us with a LIMOUSINE for the night (my first ride ever!), but I don’t think we can credit Clint for all of this cuteness. Some credit also goes to the Ann Arbor based limo service we used – the driver was very professional and even arrived early.

Airan made these adorable invitations. Don’t you love them?!? They would be perfect for a pedicure/spa party.

Or a flip-flop party! We made these froofy flip flops, while riding around in the limo and wore them with our matching t-shirts for our night on the town. The flip flops are easy to make, just tons of ribbon and tulle, tied in knots. Little girls would LOVE this craft! Airan was responsible for the design on the cute t-shirt and the flip-flop project. She had them in gift bags with coordinating name tags, for us. Too cute!

And here we all are in the limo (it was very spacious, we are just scrunching for the picture). I’m closest and the birthday girl is farthest away. Happy Birthday, Kim! Way to go Clint and Airan for pulling it off! And thanks ladies for a wonderful evening!

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  1. Oooooh, fun!! And those invites?? SMASHING!!

  2. Ohh, that makes me miss Kim a LOT! Tell her I said hi the next time you talk to her 🙂

  3. Holy Cow! What a cute hubby for doing that…and friend for putting together the invites, tees and stuff. What a great party!

  4. very cute!

  5. Thanks for all of the creative credit Kendra! It really was a lot of fun to do and get to know all you great women! We definitely need to make this a regular girls night out adventure! It was AMAZING!

  6. It was an AMAZING party!!! Totally shocked and so greatful you were able to come…love you!


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