Christmas Card Parade-2007

Tip Junkie is having a Christmas Card contest, and you know it is hard for me to resist a contest, so I am going to share with you all of my previous Christmas Cards (that I can find!). Initially, I was going to do this all in one long post, but since I am finding I can only do thing in small chunks lately, we will do one year at a time, starting with the most recent.

Christmas Rose card 2007
This is actually the most simple Christmas Card I have ever sent out–but that may not be saying much. Last year I was getting into digital design, and I just had a baby, so for the first time, my entire card was done digitally, with out any assembly. (I did have to print out pretty labels, too.) I used this lovely kit by Rhonna Farrer. And had the cards printed at VistaPrint (their prices are great, but watch out for their aggressive marketing techniques, or you might buy something you didn’t plan to buy). The Christmas card served kind of a dual purpose as a Christmas Card and also to announce the birth of our daughter. That’s why she got the spot of honor. That and the fact that she was wearing the rose head band which fit my Christmas theme for last year: The Christmas Rose. Ironically, doing research the flower called a Christmas rose doesn’t look like a rose at all. But I was undaunted. See my neighbor gifts here.

Here is the inside of the card. I am a singer, so I often think of things by songs. The cover says, “Lo, how a rose e’re blooming” which is a beautiful Christmas hymn. And the inside references the verse from “Jesu Bambino” that talks about Christ as the “Christmas Rose” –hence the “O come, let us adore Him!”
And if you don’t know those songs, hopefully you still think it is pretty! 🙂
Blogging has freed me from feeling the need to include a lengthy family newsletter. I figure anyone who wants all of the details can go to the blog (Except maybe Grandma). Now, I just have to update my blog!
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  1. The Lord Family says

    Beautiful! I love the color scheme. I’ll have to check out VistaPrint and see what they have to offer.
    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Trying to Stay Calm! says

    I am new here! What a great blog 🙂

  3. Awww! What a great subject!! Love these graphics!!!!

  4. That is one of my favorite Christmas songs!

  5. Donna @ Party Wishes says

    Very cool cards! I also give a lot of thought to my cards. I often match the card, stationery and stamps. This year, I am writing a newsletter in a newspaper format. 🙂

  6. These cards are so amazing! I am very impressed with the talent and eye you have for detail. It’s a gift!

    I am a regular reader to your blog and should be better at commenting… trust me, even though I may not say it I am amazed at so many of things that you create! I wanted to pass an award onto you for being such a creative inspiration!

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