Because I’m sure you are all done with Shopping and Making Presents…

I have to share these fun gift wrap ideas I found. We are visiting my parents, and I found out my mom used to instruct a course on creative gift wrapping, long before I was born. She pulled out a file of favorite ideas she had been saving all of these years, and I knew I had to share with you, just in case any of you have everything but gift-wrapping finished, and want a little vintage insanity in your Christmas this year (I am not finished, so will probably not be using these techniques, this year, but aren’t they fun to look at?)
They are from various magazine clippings and brochures put out by Hallmark. The one with a copyright is dated 1958.
If you like this circle bow technique, here are some instructions:
This page just makes me giggle!:
I was initially drawn to the festive Christmas vest, but between reading the description and the “cigarette Christmas tree,” it becomes clear that these come from a different era.
If you are inspired by any of these, please share your wrapping jobs! I’ll have to scan some of the others for other occasions sometime.
Merry Christmas…and good luck with the final push!
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  1. Your tree is one of the finalists in the Tip Junkie Christmas Tree Contest.

    Be sure to ask your readers to vote for you. {{wink}}


  2. AndreaLeigh says

    How cool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my gosh! I don’t know which I love more…the description of the vest or the cigarette tree. That’s hilarious!

    Merry Christmas,

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