Top 8 of 2008–Most Insane Moments

Based on your comments, here are your top 8 moments of insanity for 2008!

Honorable Mentions (Other posts with lots of comments…or posts that I think should have had lots of comments. :-)):
Did I miss your favorite post? Thanks for helping making 2008 a great insanity-filled year. Here’s to lots more craziness in the New Year!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
UPDATE: I just joined in a New Year’s Party over at The ROOST! Check out everyone’s Top Ten of the year!
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  1. Tranquility says

    I loved the family costume parade. Such creative costumes and such a cute family!

  2. Jules from "The Roost" says

    Thanks for joining the New Years Par-ty! 🙂

  3. Life with Kaishon says

    I love your gratitude tree! I want to read that! You seem super creative! Super creative people rock my world! Happy New Year!

  4. Maya@Completely Coastal says

    Nice picks…, and I got to enjoy your Christmas Tour…, which I missed to visit back in the year 2008! Happy New Year.

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