And the nominees are…(please vote!)

I have a bunch of other awards to hand out from my Blogoversary Party Party (stay tuned), but I need your help with the big “Party in a Package” Prize. For this award, I was looking for the parties that took a theme and went with it, used ideas I haven’t seen or thought of before, and made me want to host a party just to copy those ideas. And the nominees are….

Polka Dots–by Dukes and Duchesses. The Twister tablecloth and Dippin’ Dots ice cream are clever, but I am in love with the party chains made from those button candies.

Academy Awards by Joanne–So many fun details here, like the walk of fame with guests names:

but I am really gaga over the chocolate Oscars. Just look at this presentation!

Airplane party by Michelle–I LOVE the invitations!

And Look at the runway table! I didn’t realize that she had actually lit up the runway at first glance. Isn’t that cool!

Prehistoric but not Extinct Party by Brooke–Funny Fun and stylish party for someone who is over the hill. Just look at what you can do with some faux fur!

Movie Night Series by Donna–So this isn’t just one party, but a whole series of them. Each summer Donna hosts movie nights in her back yard, on her large projector. For each movie, she picks coordinating food and table spread. Like these:

Indiana Jones

& Mary Poppins

Don’t you want to be her neighbor? Anyone have a projector and screen they want to give me, so I can copy?

I thought I had a winner, but keep changing my mind. Help me pick our grand winner by voting in the poll on the side! And thanks to everyone for making it a great party!

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  1. I tried to vote but somthing is wrong it isn’t takeing my vote.

  2. Michelle@Everyday Celebrating says

    Kendra!!!! I’m totally honored!!!!!
    What a fabulous surprise! I’m thrilled!

  3. Heather, aka Jake's Mommy says

    I LOVE the movie night series!! What a fabulous idea!! And, kudos to Donna for pulling out the stops several times each summer! I love the Indiana Jones table decor.

  4. Holy Smokes! What a wonderful surprise! I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be in the ‘Big Party Running’!

    Kendra, your ‘party’ was a smashing success! What a fun way to pull so many creative talents together! All the parties submitted were FANTASTIC!

    Cheers,and good luck to all!

  5. Natalie-Little Shindigs says

    Hey Kendra! How fun was your blog party?! Glad so many people joined in. Lots of great ideas. My favorite was Pre-Historic but not extinct:)

  6. Donna @ Party Wishes says

    YEAH! Thanks so much for making me a finalist! I’m so honored.

    Of course, I vote for the Backyard Movies!

  7. Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage says

    They are all awesome but “Movie Night Series”~Donna pulled at my heartstrings! xox

  8. amy * stem * says

    I think I owe you a reply for your Blog Party! Trying to catch up here. I’m totally in if you want to use the Pretty In Pink stuff. Let me know what you need.

    In the mean time, I nominated you for a blog luv award today. Tag – you’re it.

  9. My Vote is for Joanne’s Academy Awards party.


  10. WOW these are so cool! THanks for posting this idea.

  11. movie night serie ( mary poppins !)

    great ideas !

  12. Donna’s movie night series…what a unique idea with all the different themes!

  13. I have to say, I love Joannes’ Academy Award about those statues? She is so creative and I think she deserves the… the award for best party!!

  14. Flair Factor says

    My vote is for the Prehistoric but not extinct party! Love it!

  15. Joanne Kennedy says

    I just wanted to thank you for hosting such a fun party! I was so thrilled to see you picked me as one of your top parties. I’m sure I won’t win but I want you to know you made my day by even putting in the running.

    Thank you and thanks to everyone who votes for me.


  16. I just placed my vote – I just loved all of the finalists! Thanks for hosting such a fun carnival of parties!

  17. Administered by Kira Franz-Knight says

    totally have to vote for movie nights…they seem fun and sweet!

  18. What great ideas! I voted. I love your blog.. I will be back 🙂

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