Football Festivities

I KNOW most of you weren’t reading my blog back in February when I first posted about this fantastic “SOUPer Bowl” my friend threw last year for gourmet group. So I think I would be doing you a terrible disservice, if I didn’t share it with you again! Go here to read all about it!

But in case you aren’t interested in the gourmet version of Football feasting, I’ve rounded up some other great ideas for you:
How cute are Bakerella’s football Oreo truffles?

Here are some shots of the large-scale, football-themed party
that Jamee @ Setting the Mood put together.

This tale-gate serving-table has to be my favorite! But you’d have to ask her how she pulled it off! I’m not sure!
You could use this idea on a smaller scale for a smaller party. Finger foods individually packaged and ready for “concession.”
I think Jamee used these to tell people where to sit. The invitations to our Gourmet Group Souper Bowl” looked like game tickets, too.
Of course, you can always count on the Hostess for some inspiration:
I especially like the football field table cloth!
I found those plates for sale here. Or I like these.
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  1. Setting the Mood says

    Hey Kendra!

    Thanks for featuring our stuff. I always enjoy looking at your blog.

  2. WOW, that is just crazy football fever! Great ideas, thanks.

  3. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says

    Fun stuf!! I did a football cake display for a big college game a few months ago!
    Too bad I didn't think to make a field tablecloth! Too cute! Must do that!

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