Love Letters

Who doesn’t love getting good mail?I’m thrilled whenever there is something in the mailbox that isn’t a bill or an advertisement. Kids love mail too! There is just something wonderful about knowing that something is waiting for you, without knowing what it is.

Our family motto for the year, is “Joy in the Journey” (and I need a lot of work on this so far, this year!). One of the ways we have decided to work toward this goal is to be more loving to each other and take advantage of opportunities to show our love for each other.

So in the same spirit of the Gratitude Tree, I am hoping to make loving actions a part of our home for the whole month of February (and this week, too.). Last night, at Family Home Evening, the kids and I decorated these mailboxes that I found at the dollar spot at Target. They were decorated with supplies from the dollar spot, as well, and a glue gun. (I heart Tarjay! Should I send them a Valentine?) I had to explain to the children how the flags on a mailbox work (HOA lock boxes just aren’t the same), and we discussed how we could use them to leave each other notes, pictures, or little gifts or goodies, either anonymously, or signed by the giver. Each night at dinnertime, we can look and see if any of the flags are up. I have decided I need to go back and get a couple more boxes for their Dad and I, because they need to be loving to us too!

I have high hopes for this activity, because even before we got around to decorating the boxes, my four-year-old had drawn a picture for his baby sister and put it in her box.

Here they are next to a lollipop bush. Lollipops also found at Target’s dollar spot. Hopefully I can get a few more decorations and turn it into a cute vignette, but we’re not going to wait for that to start sharing the love!

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  1. 4handfulls says

    I think I need to go to Target now! So cute! I was looking for a an idea on how to pass sweet notes with my kids in Feb.

  2. What GREAT ideas to share the love in your family! I bet the kids just LOVE getting mail and even “sending” it your way! Gotta LOVE me some TARJAY!

  3. I'm just the MOM says

    Tarjay is the best! I may have to go ahead and steal this idea for my house too!

  4. Michelle@Everyday Celebrating says

    I’ve seen these mailboxes on several blogs and now I’m DYING to have them!!!!!!! I hope they are still there!!!!! What a cute idea!!!!

  5. That is SUCH a darling idea! Wish we had a target somewhere near here….

  6. What a cute idea! I am going to have to use this. I also looked at you love bug ball and I love it. I am making those bug oreos for my son’s class party. You are awesome!

  7. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says

    What a sweet idea! I saw those at Target as well and Love Them!…Love what you did to dress them up!

  8. I’m a-goin’ to Target! Good deal. Thanks!

  9. I love how you decorated these mailboxes. I bought three but hadn’t decided how to make them cute yet. I really like what you did.

  10. There we go sharing a brain again! 🙂 I saw those at Target last year and kicked myself for not buying them on the spot. So when I did a big order from Oriental Trading this summer I made sure to get 4 mailboxes (yes for the grown ups too). So far I only have one decorated, but stay tuned for me to post a pic when I finish the rest.

  11. Wendy @ The Shabby Nest says

    Such a cute idea ! Thanks for sharing!

  12. i just found your blog through my friend katie- awesome ideas!!! i’ll be back to visit again very soon!!


  13. Great idea. I am sure they will LOVE their love notes.

  14. Donna @ Party Wishes says

    I always wanted to set up mailboxes for my kids year round. I loved playing post office when I was little and I still get a thrill every time I go out to the mailbox.

    What a great idea!

  15. Barnes Yard says

    I keep seeing these cute mail boxes everywhere-Love Them!
    And I am soooo copying the lollipop plant!

  16. I’m totally stealing this idea, Kendra! Can’t wait to get to Tarjay (my home away from home!). Thanks for sharing.

  17. Magic Brush says

    Yours are way cuter than mine!!!!! I love the idea of you getting one for your and your husband also. Great idea for the kids to leave YOU notes!!! Thanks for commenting on my boxes!

  18. Magic Brush says

    Yours are way cuter than mine!!!!! I love the idea of you getting one for your and your husband also. Great idea for the kids to leave YOU notes!!! Thanks for commenting on my boxes!


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