Party Round-up

This post has taken forever for me to compose. Mainly because there were inspiring things about each and every party that is listed at my party party. I found myself wanting to feature every one! But since that wasn’t humanly possible, (for me at this moment), I have chosen several fun ideas to feature and a few quick prizes to award (bragging rights only, sorry. I wish I had prizes for everyone!) before naming the grand prize winner. But even if you don’t get a shout out in this post, don’t be surprised to see your party featured on my blog in the future sometime, since I am keeping the original party post as a file cabinet of great party ideas! (I’m going to work on categorizing and updating those as new ideas come in…like Amy’s Mad Scientist party, just in!). I hope it will be a great resource for all of you as well. Thanks to everyone for sharing! How did we ever do anything before the invention of the blog and the ability to share our ideas so freely with each other.

If you are planning a party with one of these themes, you have hit the jackpot:
Super Heroes (here, here, & here)
Horses/Cowboy/Cowgirl (here, here, & here)
Polka Dots (here, here, & here)

Party Planning Mom’s Pirate party
(hon. mention–wedogmomma’s Pirate party)

I’m totally stealing the ship fighting idea as well as lots of other ideas from Party Planning Mom’s Pirate Party for my son’s pirate birthday this year. There are lots of fun ideas at wedog’s, too. I really wish I had her chest for hiding all of the loot!

Alayna and her truck party

I had to ask Alayna if she had taken her ideas for her construction truck birthday party from my post about Trenton’s Truck Birthday. She said she had never seen my pictures before, which means that she is as insane as I am. I had read about but never seen anyone else make the road on the table before (which I still think is a brilliant idea).

She even put worms in her dirt cake, too. See…we must share the same insane brain!
Trailer Park Pride Party
If you haven’t been there yet, you have to check out the funniest party I have ever seen…and from the looks on peoples faces, perhaps the funnest, too. (Forgive me, grammar police!)
(aside from Kira’s Kim Possible Party). “24″ party, by Themes to Me
They brought in terrorists, for this birthday adventure!
(tie) Brenda @ Party Planning Mom & Donna @ Party Wishes
Brenda leaves no detail unplanned, nor table undecorated in the parties she throws. Thinking about the work she puts into her parties, leaves me exhausted. But you’ll be delighted. Check it out!
Donna throws highly sophisticated children’s parties, the kind where you children will believe that they are actually princess (or whatever the theme may be). Just don’t be surprised if they start asking for the servants to do their chores! Donna’s backyard movie series was one of my five finalists for the grand prize. There is all kinds of party goodness to be found in her blog.
I believe these stick horses were homemade from mens‘ socks. How cute are they?
So she is my little sis, but you’ve got to admit that the bat cave she made out of cardboard for the Batman birthday party is way cool! And even cooler since he got to use a laptop computer there to get the clues for his birthday treasure hunt.
And how gorgeous is Sleeping Beauty’s cardboard castle? What princess wouldn’t be in heaven at that party?
I loved the tabletop decor at these parties: (clockwise) Mix Mingle & Glow’s High School Musical Party (LOVE the candy in the vase–I’m stealing this one!), Grease Karaoke party from Themes to Me, 1st birthday @ Vintage Chic Home, Princess Party by Donna.

(top row) Kira @ Tangarang, Jorgelina (Hello Kity), Poodle cake @ Barnes Yard,
(bottom row) Golf cupcakes by Donna, Tea Kettle by the Jolleys, Masked Mommy’s flower pot cake, served with a shovel.
Cute, huh? And if you want your cake to taste great, too, WishTrish shared her fabulous wedding cake recipe with us!
One more great cake idea:
And I love how Amy used the billboard to put the birthday information on the cake! I’m going to steal that idea at some point.

Parties aren’t just about cute decorations and cake. I really appreciate meaningful activities as part of the party plan. These painted onesies are fun for a baby shower. And I love the make your own costume at this superhero party.

And I’m a sucker for clever theme-related food. This green jello in a Petri dish, is perfect for a mad scientist party! Another idea I want to steal someday!
So there you have it. Just some of the fantastic ideas shared at the Blogoversary party party. I guess you could say that I am hooked on party planning, and on all of your great ideas! So I am adding this post to Hooked on Houses, Hooked on Fridays, so that others can enjoy these ideas, too! I hope you feel inspired to plan your next party! Thanks for partying with me everyone!
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  1. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says

    Oh, wow, look at all these amazing party ideas! There are some seriously creative people out there. Love it.

    Thanks for joining my blog party and sharing these with us. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. aww thanks for mentioning the batcave! You make me feel so special!

  3. Gray Matters says

    Thanks for all the great inspiration – I’ll definitely be referring to this one again.

  4. The Masked Mommy says

    I love it! Your party party has been a lot of fun! 🙂 I have an award for you today on my blog. Drop by if you’d like to receive it!

  5. What a fun party. I loved looking at all these posts. Great ideas I’ll have to borrow for my son’s next birthday!

  6. I love this post. Currently planning my little guys first birthday.

  7. Great! I have two boy birthdays coming up and needed some inspiration…I’ll be back!! Can’t take in all this info in one sitting.

  8. Hi!!
    I love this post.
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  9. I am having a blog party in February and would like to feature you and your blog, check out the party and let me know if you are interested…thanks!!!

  10. What great, creative ideas!

  11. Amy @ Living Locurto says

    This was a lot of fun! There were some awesome parties. Great to see all these creative moms!!

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