President’s Day Potluck Placecards

(Say that three times fast). I know we are all still recovering from Valentine’s Day, or in our case, trying to get a ton of projects done around the house, but today is a holiday, too, and a great opportunity to teach a little history to our little ones. So in case you are scouring the web for President’s Day projects, I thought I would share the Lincoln-style hat placecards I came up with.

I took an empty paper towel roll and sawed/cut it into 2-3inch lengths. Then I used an empty cereal box to cut a couple of round circles–one the same size as the tube and the other an inch or so bigger in diameter. I glued them all together and then hit them with a couple of coats of black spray paint. The paint we had on hand was pretty glossy (hence the glare in the photo). If these are to be used as placecards, you can write names on them with a metallic marker. I decided my guests could have the title of “President” for the day.

You could also make these for the 4th of July and wrap the hats in scrapbook paper–Uncle Sam style.

Happy President’s Day!

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  1. Flair Factor says

    oooow, that’s really cool!

  2. Joanne Kennedy says

    Very cute idea. I can see making these bigger for the 4th and then putting a serving plate on top. Maybe make them out of an oatmeal box.

    It would be cute for a Victorian theme party too.


  3. Get out, you did NOT make the cutest place cards for President’s Day of all things! What a fun idea.

  4. Those placecards are too precious. Don’t you just love being creative?

  5. Melting away in H... says

    Hey Kendra,

    This is Wendy B. from swimming lessons and also in the same stake. I saw you made a comment on Amy’s blog. Anyway, your blogs are AMAZING! I love what you did for the valentines cards, oh and also in the mud room.
    So you guys ended up moving then?? Are you guys still in the same city?
    We are expecting our fifth child and it’s another girl:-) I’ll chat with you later:-)

  6. Great idea Kendra. We have an annual President’s Day pizza party…Might have to try my act together and try out your idea.

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