Gourmet Group Glimpse

I am happy to report that our chocolate-themed gourmet group dinner last night, was a big hit! The rest of the report will have to wait until next week, since, in just a few minutes, I’m going to shut down the computer (and quit doing catch-up laundry), to join in our church’s Emergency Preparedness Weekend. Once a year, we are encouraged to go a weekend without electricity and only use our cars to get to church, so we can think through what our family would do in a real emergency situation. We’ve been cheating this morning, since yesterday was such a big push for us, but don’t expect to find me around here after noon. It will be a good little cyber-detox for me. Hope you are all having a lovely March weekend!

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  1. Rachel@oneprettything.com says

    YUM! That sounds so good! I was just reading back through your previous entries and your Kim Possible birthday looked like so much fun! Super creative! I would love to photo link to it if you didn’t mind.

  2. Sounds like a fun night.

  3. Amy @ Living Locurto says

    Ohhh, did someone say chocolate? Can’t wait to hear what you did. Hey, thanks for being my 2nd follower! I appreciate it 🙂

  4. dustyperle says

    I am looking to throw a little boy birthday and remembered you have the best ideas for birthdays. SO I thought I would say hello and THANK YOU for the wonderfully insane ideas.

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