Kick Starting My Spring Cleaning

Yes, I will blog all about gourmet group, soon, but now that that is done, I need a serious kick in the pants to get going on my Spring Cleaning and organizing projects. I’ve made a button that you are welcome to distribute all over blogland! I figure if you all are counting on me to have something to report the end of this month, then there is a better chance that I will have something to report the end of this month! So jump in with me, and maybe displaying my button on your blog will help you stay focused and be motivated to accomplish something blogworthy this month. We will meet back here on March 31st, and have a little Mr. Linky show-and-tell, to motivate and inspire eachother in our on-going quests to conquer the chaos in our homes. (Maybe I should just speak for myself…I’m sure your homes are all immaculate and orderly!)

Look for my overly ambitious to do list, on a sidebar near you…soon!

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  1. Sorry but March is not spring where I live 🙁 That doesn’t mean that my house isn’t in serious need of some spring cleaning. We are headed on vacation the last week of March but I’ll see how much I can fit in within the next 2 weeks – yikes! That’s not nearly enough time!
    Ok, I’m off to make up my list

  2. Not just a Mommy! says

    What an ambitious list! Good for you! I only have one thing on mine…take down all the evergreen swag, and leftover holiday decor…I figure they are “wintery” and I have until the first day of spring, right?

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