March–My Official Spring Cleaning Month

I was supposed to be posting about our fabulous Chocolate-themed (yes, you were right) gourmet group dinner this weekend, but I happened to come down with strep throat the night before, and rather than share that with my dinner guests, we postponed gourmet group. Bummer, right? I will post details as soon as it happens. And I have tons of other birthday parties and projects I want to blog about.

But in the meantime,I have come to the conclusion that it is time for some serious Spring Cleaning, in my home, in my blog, and in my life. March is a month with not too terribly much on the calendar (compared with my norm)—no birthdays, major holidays (I do have a St. Patrick’s Day post on the docket), and even some time off of my crazy driving school schedule for Spring Break. So, I think it is the right time to attack some of the big projects that keep getting pushed aside. So I am officially declaring March to be my SPRING CLEANING MONTH!

I’m planning to use this blog to help motivate–rather than distract me.
I’ll bet I would be very motivated to clean in these cute gloves from etsy

Focus, Kendra, Focus!

So look for some serious Spring Cleaning here. I plan to post some of my lofty Spring Cleaning goals, get rid of my Valentine’s design, and organize and update all of my links. I want to rework my Party Party post, so that it can be an evolving reference guide of great party ideas for everyone! Of course, I also have my digital insanity blog to update. With all of this, I’m not sure how often I will posting. Knowing me and how much I have to say, it will still be quite often, but I want to focus on order and organization, which may mean that some posts have to wait. If you have a particular party or project coming up, let me know (leave a comment here or on facebook, or on twitter, or even email me), and I will see if I can work in a relevant post for you, in a timely manner.

Speaking of comments, I have to tell you that as things have become busier (and we have been sicker), responding to comments, has fallen down the priority list. I’d like to promise that I will do better at that. But I’m not sure I can, right now. I do want you to know that I really read and value every comment. Some uplift me, some inform me, some inspire me, some just plain pad my ego, and all are very much appreciated! So if you aren’t too offended by my lack of response, keep ‘em coming!

And speaking of being negligent, I remembered that I forgot to acknowledge the blogger that gave me this fun award, so I was going to do that tonight, as part of my blog housekeeping. Here’s the kicker: I can’t find who it was! NOW you know I need to do some serious Spring Cleaning and get myself organized! So, if you were the one that gave me this award a while back, leave me a comment and I will praise you and beg your forgiveness. If you are a different blogger and you happened to give me an award that I have not acknowledged, forgive this part of my insane brain, leave me a comment and I will try and make it up to you.

So here is the plan. Let’s all work on whatever Spring Cleaning our blogs/homes/lives are needing, blog about it (I think cleaning totally involves decorating). Then let’s meet back here March 31st, and we’ll have a Spring Cleaning Linky party, where we share what we have gotten done. That always makes the work more fun, right? I’d give you an html button, right now, but I think I have to get permission from The Shabby Princess and Leora Sanford, before I can distribute the one I made above. Or I’ll make one with my own elements. Maybe…soon…So you can spread the word.

Alright? Are you feeling motivated, yet?

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  1. Our Family says

    I LOVE your blog! You never cease to inspire and inform me!! I am joining the Spring Cleaning Party (if you can call cleaning that?!ha)
    and would love to have a button to post on my blog! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Good luck!!! I called on Saturday and BSB said you were sleeping. Again. I told him when you woke up this time he needed to tell you to go back to sleep. Again. Ü So far (fingers crossed and recrossed!) I haven’t gotten it. I’m pretty dang certain if we had gone out before, though, I would be right now…

    Oh – party ideas! How about a cupcake theme (on the 20th) and then a dinosaur theme (on the 28th)? Ü Actually, I may be okay for those. I did a lot of research last week and think I have it covered. But there may be the *perfect* idea out there that I haven’t seen… Ack!! Ha.

  3. I will definatly join you, we are trying to have the house on the market by April first so I am on the way anyway! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Great idea Kendra!!! I hope you are feeling better!

    Off to clean…


  5. Pumpkin Petunia says

    How fun! I’m totally in.

    Hope you’re feeling better. : )

  6. I’m all about a linky party, but I have to clean to attend? Hmmm…only for you! I’ll be back!

  7. Toby and Tammy says

    Just wanted to say that I am so glad I found your blog. You have the best parties and ideas.
    Thanks for posting such great stuff!

  8. Mrs. D Lightful says

    Such a fun blog! And such a good idea. I am finding myself in the mood for spring cleaning as well. I’m off to it!

  9. I am ready for a little Spring Cleaning myself! Projects and over cluttered areas of my house are already coming to mind! Thank God I have a whole month!!

    Laine in Houston

  10. Tee Hee…I’m behind on my blog reading and thought I’d better get to this one since I really need to do major decluttering!!

    I’m glad I read, because you are talking about me in your post!! It was me who left you the blog award 🙂

  11. Upholstery Cleaning says

    I am finding myself in the mood of spring cleaning and more idea are coming in my mind to clean my house and how to decorate it. Thanks for your motivation.

  12. Man With Van London says

    Thanks for your motivation. I am glad that your blog is here to motivate me and inspiring me to do cleaning.

  13. This can be really helpful blog and I love such kind of stuff.

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