Good Clean Fun: Official Spring Cleaning Party Post

Welcome! Are you ready for some good clean fun! We’ve been working hard this month and now it’s time to party! OK, so it may not be as much fun as my Party Party, but I’ve got music! And a fantastic prize! I’m really hoping we can inspire and motivate each other in our domestic endeavors. And even if you don’t care so much about that, I know you still want to win some domestic diva gloves like these from Julie Meyer’s etsy shop!

Yes, all you have to do is join in our linky party below, with a post about something productive you’ve accomplished around your home this month to be eligible to win the gloves!

My Insane Spring Cleaning
So…I didn’t get everything done on my list. Are you surprised? When I knew time was coming for the party and this post I was feeling discourage about all that I wanted to accomplish that still isn’t done. But then I took a look at the list I posted on the side bar and realized how much we have done. I took a lot of before pictures that I can’t post, because the after’s would still be kind of scary, but we made progress in a lot of areas.

Overly Ambitious Spring Cleaning To Do List:

  • Clear all clutter out of the kitchen–I did get this done…at one point. It’s kind of a mess again, but when we had friends over a couple of weeks ago, it looked great!
  • Decorate mantle area –Check. Mostly.

This isn’t where everything is going to live permanently, but the big accomplishment was getting decorations up on these ledges and clearing away misc. clutter that was accumulating there.

This picture will likely end up modified in a couple of ways, since it doesn’t really go with any of my decor. I might even hang it else where in the house, but for now, I’m liking having something of substantial size on the mantle.

I am excited about these red glass vases I bought from my friend, Ashlee, who was getting ready to move.

Actually, most of the furnishings in these pictures came from her. She didn’t have to go to Goodwill…she just had to call me.

This picture she had works great in my kitchen! Yea!

  • Finish decorating loft –Did NOT happen. The loft houses my office/craft stuff, and the kids’ play area, so you might guess it is the messiest room in the house. That gets in the way of decorating. You can bet as soon as I get it decorated and clean at the same time, I will post all about it.
  • Get carpets cleaned Not yet. Cousin Brian???
  • Get the kids to a dentistToday. We are probably at the dentist while you are reading this!
  • Go through everyone’s clothes–Mostly. I get a little hung up on the baby clothes, but good progress was made on this one!
  • Have (or at least get ready for)that garage sale we keep talking about–In Process. We did sell some things at a neighbors sale, and have started organizing stuff for our sale in a couple of weeks.
  • Organize my bathroom–Worked on it, but can’t post yet.
  • Organize my closet–YES!


clean closet organization

I like these fun boxes from IKEA! Closets need a little bit of pretty, too. I made these labels so I can remember where I am hiding all of the gifts I bought the kids at Target when they were clearing out the toys @ %75 off.

  • Update emergency preparedness kits–Yes! These are the bags our family would grab incase of an emergency. They have food, clothes, diapers, flashlights, etc. The food in them was a year old, so we traded that out and made sure the kids had clothes that would fit them.

A big thing that wasn’t on my original list was to get all of our things out of our storage unit, which we finished doing today. There is still a lot of work to do going through those things, but hey, it’s still Spring! And the Miracle Workers (my mom and dad) are coming next month, so you never know what all we will accomplish!

OK. Inspire me! What have you gotten done this month? Do you have any tips for me about getting organized and staying focused? Do you have a Spring Cleaning Routine you do each year? I’d love to learn from you! Link up below and join the party! (Please link back to this party so others can join in the fun, and don’t forget to link to a specific post(s), not just your homepage, so it will be easy to find your post!) Thanks for coming to my party!

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  1. Miko's Girl says

    I am in a mode to organize this year, as well. It is all too much to accomplish by Spring and it started in January. So far, I have organized the Toy Room, my Utility Room, and my Kitchen. My most pressing projects are my bedroom office (it’s had a life as a bathroom, walk-in closet, and is now my office), and the master bathroom, and the master bedroom. I am distracted easily by several other projects on my plate to include 10 yards of mulch to be spread so I’m not sure when my Spring cleaning will be complete.

  2. I just cleaned out the garage and my pantry- wish I had taken some before picture.=[
    Love what you did with your closet- I may have to tackle mine. Scary!
    Thanks for the encouragement

  3. DV- Rebecca L. says

    I LOVE your 72 hour kit bags! THey are darling.
    I had tons on my list, but with a new baby hardly knocked off the any of the ‘big’ stuff- I did get 4 scrapbooks full. :)Thanks

  4. I cleaned my whole house! 🙂 Love the new things at your house!

  5. Your closet looks fantastic! I’m almost tempted to go clean out mine now (or I could sit here and keep blogging – decisions, decisions!)

  6. Attic Gal Rachelle says

    Wow, you have been busy! Good job.

    Doesn’t it seem like the “to do” list just gets longer as we get more done? The curse of mortality.

  7. april~living the sweet life says

    Love those gloves. They would make cleaning the house so much more fun.

  8. Spring Cleaning hasn’t really got rolling at my house yet but you are inspiring me! You’ve got such a great start on your list

  9. I was able to get ONE project done and I’m pretty excited about just doing that. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

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