Other Easter Inspiration

You’ve seen my wheat grass, edible nests, and the cool “tie”-dyed eggs I want to try. I thought I should show you some of the other ideas from blogland that are inspiring me this Easter. Several of these are via the blog, Be Different, Act Normal.
I’m planning to do this bunny napkin fold by Martha Stewart. But I’ll actually have to iron and starch my napkins.
Bakerella’s Easter pops. I’m thinking the egg ones, maybe with out the sticks, piled in a basket.

Naturally dyed eggs. I want somewhat more natural colors on our Easter eggs, this year, so I have been researching natural dyes, (here, here and here) and for pictures see these from Jean Winters.

And one day I’ll attempt these crazy confections, but not this year.

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  1. Michelle Bebe says

    i stumbled across your blog and love it! keep the ideas coming!!!

  2. Hana @ celebrations.com says

    I dont think i can ever get sick of Easter egg decorating ideas! 🙂 thanks for sharing

    hana @ celebrations.com

  3. don’t hurt me, but I have a total of ONE Easter/Spring decoration up. Maybe today I’ll use my children’s day off as a great source of manual labor and get my other décor up! I mean, I didn’t buy all those cool, hand-blown and painted Easter eggs from Salzburg for nothing, right??? Right?!!? And I’m tempted by Bakerella’s Easter balls, too – though maybe the chicks. They look easier. Ü We’re baking sugar cookies today, too. My holidays all seem to revolve around baking, don’t they??

  4. Uh oh…I’ve been a bad commenter, but I have to let you know your Easter ideas are adorable! The wheat grass??? Spectacular! Love coming here for ideas!

  5. Cute ideas! I love those Easter pops!
    Have a Happy Easter!


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