Building a Lego Birthday

I really intended to be getting my post up about Kira’s big birthday/baptism celebration last month, today, and I will this week for sure, but a new Twitter friend is asking for ideas for a Lego-themed party for her daughter.  I don’t know anyone who loves Legos more than my sister, Trina’s boys.  Remember thebionicle birthday she posted for me?  She had some other fantastic ideas from a different Lego birthday I want to share, along with some of my ideas and other fun ideas from around the web.
I am much too cheap to do anything like this, but for a table setting, wouldn’t it be cool to use building bases like these as placemats?  You could stick little Lego figures and/or blocks around each base as decoration and a take home favor.  I would just use solid colored partyware, and serve food that would require some sort of “building.”  Like make your own mini-pizzas, or build your own layered sandwich.

Here are some fun cake ideas.  This is the one Trina made.

She used this idea from Betty Crocker, using marshmallows for the studs.
For some reason, Trina wasn’t thrilled with how her cake turned out, but I love the way she stacked her layers just like you do with Legos.
If you prefer cupcakes and/or are skilled with fondant, you could try replicating these cupcakes from Hello Naomi.
UPDATE:  Stop the presses!  Trina just told me that the fabulous CakeWrecks blog just featured a bunch of lego cakes (cool ones…not wrecks) like this one…
And even Lego wedding cakes for all of you planning a Lego-themed wedding!  (Aren’t you all?)

Trina’s treasure hunt was too clever (and I don’t want to confuse you) so I’m going to copy what she wrote about it!
“For Marcus’s treasure hunt, I came up with the idea to give him instructions and legos to build a block that would then tell him the hiding place of the next set of legos and instructions. When he had all four blocks built, he’d put them together to reveal the final hiding place (where his presents were hidden) written in studs on the top (yes, I know, but it really did seem simple at the time). We used a program you can downloard from called Lego Digital Designer that lets you “build” a model on the computer. Then you can print out instructions, and even order your creation from Lego.

So, in reality, each block took way too many legos to build, the instructions ended up as mini-books, and I was short on time, so we only made three blocks. Even so, the treasure hunt took Marcus and his helpers quite a while to complete. 

*Incidentally, the three Legos on top of the “TUB” block were not part of my original design, but one of the boys decided they should be there.”

For a very cool birthday sign, she downloaded Lego images off of the Lego website, and using a photo editing software, put her son’s face in the various images.  She wrote,  I got a kick out of seeing Marcus’s reaction as he recognized himself as a mini-figure.” 

This idea could also work well for the invitation.  You could say, “Come help _____ build a great birthday.”
Anyone else throw a Lego birthday?  Any other great ideas we should know about?
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  1. Mama's Boys says

    The blog Cake Wrecks just featured some fabulous lego cakes yesterday that you should check out.

  2. Thanks, Trina, for the Cake Wrecks heads up! Those are cool. I can’t believe all the wedding cakes. Do you think Guy would have wanted one?

    Also, thanks for letting me plagarize your party with out asking permission. (That was ok, wasn’t it?) 🙂

  3. says

    What a great roundup of ideas, I’ll be linking.

  4. My grandson is a big lego’s fan- I will be sharing this site with my daughter- she will get a kick out of it=
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. twinmommy2 says

    I am dying to try this for my son’s birthday! So fun…I actually saw the idea on Creative Holiday Gift Idea’s blog – here is the link to her blog and the Lego Party…
    Thanks for more great ideas!! I just love your blog:)

  6. cookies and cups says

    Love this idea! The possibilities are endless! Saw you on One Pretty Thing and your blog is too cute!!

  7. Kara Ward says

    My 8-year old is LEGO crazy. He is on a mission to build The City set. His birthday was in May…on my blog is shows what I did. These cakes put mine to shame!

  8. Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com says

    I’m so glad to have come across your blog. I immediately hit the “follow” button. You are very inspirational! Please visit my blog and be sure to click the “follow” if you like what you see. I will be adding you to my Crafty Treasured Blog List and if you have a button I will add also. Please be sure to do the same so we can inspire each other often!

  9. Rowena Valentine says

    This is a great resource. Here is my take of a lego cake. It is a Lego Star Wars custom cake.


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