Calling all Crafty People

I need some input.  Ideas.  I know, I’m the idea lady, right?  But there are so many brilliant, creative people out there, that I know you can make my life easier right now!  
I am the Craft Director for our church’s girls’ camp (teenage girls) this summer.  Our theme is “Go Navy” which stands for something cool, and basically means we are doing a military/nautical theme for all of camp.  I am in charge of about 3 craft projects for about 100 girls and women, and my budget is pretty darn small.  That being said, I don’t want them to be junk.  It is nice if they can create something they might use again at some point.  One craft will be a picture frame that looks like a life preserver (I think I am getting wood and cutting labor donated on that one).  We will also be making a “Captain’s Log”  Scrapbook/journal out of brown paper sacks.  They should look cool, vintage military and be very cheap.  The third project I have been hurting my brain over is this.

Can you tell what it is going to be?  I want to make Lighthouses that will actually function as tea light holders.  I can probably get baby food jars donated (if I hurry), and am hoping to get the smaller ones than I have in this pic.  The “tumbler” on the bottom is the $0.29 one from IKEA.  (I hope they are still that price and available in large quantities).  I am thinking I will just glue them together with a serious glue and use glass paint, or decals, or something for the girls to decorate/personalize the bottom.  My question is, does it look at all like a lighthouse?  Or is there something I could put between the layers or on top (or both), that is super cheap, that would make it look more obviously like a lighthouse?  I’m sure you will have some brilliant ideas for me.
I’m sure I will post about the other projects eventually, but if any of you are in a similar situation as I am and need info about them sooner, let me know.

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  1. I am thinking it might help to paint the base a solid navy color. Maybe even let the girls decorate it to look like a light house?

  2. It has the bones of a lighthouse…so cute!

  3. Anonymous says

    looks very cute. I could tell it was a lighthouse right away =)

  4. Pattie Cordova says

    definitely a lighthouse. all it needs is a little door at the bottom.

  5. How about using some solid color adhesive tape (red or black) to tape a couple of stripes on the base?

  6. Ann Marie says

    Lighthouses come in so many shapes and sizes. It definitely could fit the bill. I do think it needs something between the base and the baby food jar, something that denotes the little ledge/railing that goes around the top of a lighthouse. Perhaps a slightly larger jar lid (upside down with the lip facing upwards) that could be painted black or navy. Cute idea!

  7. Michelle says

    this sounds like a great group craft idea for your theme. Maybe if you use the flameless tea lights instead of the real ones you could use construction paper or card stock to add details to the babyfood jar to give the look of the roof, deck, railing etc and paint a couple windows and door on the base.

  8. yes like Ann Marie said just use an extra lid or pot saucer right under the glass light to define it a little. COOOL When I was camp director we did ANCHOR as a theme with lots of nautical significant stuff!

  9. Adding some strips and a door would add to it.
    I’m not sure you need our ideas….yours are Awesome!!! 🙂

  10. Mrs. Jones says

    It looked like a lighthouse to me before I read your plans. You might try using Ball 4 oz jelly jars. They have a nice crystal design, and you could use the metal disk from the lid to put between the jar and the base.


  11. Before I read any further, I did think lighthouse so you’re on the right track! I think that stickers or some glass paint on the tumbler will be nice.

  12. Kari @ Ucreate says

    I’m with Pattie, it just needs a door. You are so clever!!

  13. Mique (as in Mickey) says

    Hi Kendra-
    Super cute. And clever of course.
    One year for girls camp when I went, we had a miliarty theme and we had dog tags with our names, year, ward, etc, etc.
    I'm thinking you could do the same idea with this:
    Just a thought. And you are brave going to camp. 😉

  14. I am loving all of the feedback! I’m going to have to start asking for help more often. You’re giving me lots to work with!

    I had thought of the lid, but not painted black (duh!). Now where to find them cheap? I’m loving the electrician tape idea and plan to experiment with that right away. And thanks for seeing a lighthouse when you look at my contraption.

    Mique, that is the first idea I actually presented to the camp directors. They are ordering dog tags and I think we are going to use the washers, but more as rewards instead of crafts…or maybe they will get to craft them as a reward???

    Anyway, I’m sure I’ll post again, after I get a chance to experiment with all of your great ideas! Thanks so much!

  15. Oh I am so following your blog! I can do anything someone has already made instructions for but creative…well I’m game to learn. Visiting from SITS. Having a giveaway on my blog. Come by and enter

  16. I think I would put a ribbon or a piece of paper around the base of the cup where the jar and cup meet. And put another piece of craft paper, but maybe with some cute quote around the “top” of the cup. Which is actually the bottom. I would paint windows on the baby food jar. But I would play with it and see what looks best. But the etching cream would be perfect for windows, but you would need a stencil. Maybe you could use masking tape as a stencil? To get lines and stuff. Sorry, I’m just brain storming on what I would experiment with. But it is a really cute idea.

  17. Smullin Family says

    I just saw a litehouse craft on It was made with a water bottle. I don’t know if it would work for what you want, but it’s just another idea.
    Good luck and happy crafting!

  18. Smullin Family says

    PS-Make sure you read the comments about the people who have done the you don’t have to do the same “trial and error”.
    Also, instead of the flashlight, I was thinking that maybe one of those glow sticks might work. It would be a one time thing, but good enough for a camp craft. :o)

  19. i would use the battery operated tea lights o you can put a piece of black paper over the top so that the light comes out from the sides instead of the top. they are three packs at the dollar store and even cheaper in huge quantity at costco. look at the red cup and electrical tape ones on just made these with a daycare full of kids. they turned out awesome!!! good luck!

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