Happy Magnificent Motherhood Day

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!  I hope you’ve all had a fantastic day and got to feel as loved as I did as my son sang “Mother, I Love You” (with the other children at church), at the top of his lungs.  (No microphone needed…that kid is ready for Broadway!)
We have just a few Magnificent Motherhood Award recipients, but each is very deserving.  It isn’t too late to award another Mom Blogger here (using Mr. Linky).  And your award recipient doesn’t have to be going through a ridiculously challenging time (like Nie and some of the other recipients) to be inspiring to you.  Sometimes people inspire us in small and simple ways.  They would be deserving of this award also.
Here are our Magnificent Mothers, so far.  If they choose, they can display the button below on their blogs.  Congratulations, and thanks for all of the good you do!

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  1. Ruth Ann says

    Sounds like you had a great Mother’s Day! My son likes to sing at the top of his lungs as well! All the time weather talking or singing! lol
    Have a great week!
    -Ruth Ann

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