Back From Camp…

…physically, at least. I am still in a bit of a fog, but will post our craft projects soon!

I didn’t sleep at all the night before camp (long story involving technical difficulties), so on the first day when they brought around these ships for us to name and hang up on our cabins (NAVY-themed camp this year), you can understand what I chose to name the craft room. And it wasn’t just because of this blog. Crafting with 100 girls (and a tiny budget) is pretty much pure insanity. But I am happy to report that the girls really seemed to like their crafts, and all in all things went well…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
(Now, I’m off for a nap!)
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  1. Can't wait to see what ya'll made. I love your little ship and what you named it. Too cute!

  2. The Malone's says

    The crafts were super cute, I love the frame. You guys did a great job too on your service project. Thanks for everything you did and i certainly enjoyed the topics of conversation that I could join in on.

  3. Annette Piper says

    Ooooh, 100 girls, small budget and crafts. The name sounds perfectly appropriate!

    I've given you an award – pop in to my blog to collect it 🙂

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