Party Party Finalists Revealed!

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! I know they always say that picking winners is so tough, yada yada yada, but this was really SO TOUGH! That’s why I am glad you are doing the voting for me to pick the final winner of the party party, that will get $30 to Paper & Cake. I can’t do it anymore!
I seriously considered, putting a button on the poll for every party submitted, but I didn’t think people would vote if they had to wade through nearly 50 parties. So for better or worse, I have picked my top 10 (this is beginning to sound like a beauty pageant). But before I announce them, I have a few shout-outs (congeniality awards) to announce:
ACTION & ADVENTURE AWARDS (no prize, just bragging rights)
We all love beautifully designed parties, especially in the blogosphere, where they sparkle on our computer screen, but I feel the best parties also take into account the guests and have really fun and imaginative things for them to do. I have been known to have party guests solve mysteries, crack codes, go on treasure hunts, etc. So here are a couple of parties with great things going on that may inspire you:
She even had a boulder!
My kids would love doing everything here!
GREAT THEME AWARDS (Again, no prize…just my admiration)
A great party starts with a great theme, and by picking something guests haven’t seen over and over, you will already have their attention. Bonus point to the following parties:
Congratulations everyone! …and now for your TOP TEN FINALISTS
(in no particular order):
Jen and I were both inspired by the milk and cookies party thrown by “Most Likely Late,” only I have yet to throw a milk & cookies party. I love this colorful take on the fun theme–such a visual treat!–and am inspired, once again. (Jen, where did you get your milk bottles?)
I don’t know if I love this party so much because I love Jane Austen so much, and think she is a fantastic excuse to throw a party, or if it is because Erika takes such gorgeous pictures (btw, do you want to come and photography every party that I throw from now on? :-)), that make this so pleasant to look at, or both. But really, I just want to get to be a guest at this party, so I think that is a good indicator of a great party.
So many fun details in this backyard baseball party! I love the concession stand and how well everything fit the theme. Great use of banners/labels, etc.!
mad hatter

If you can’t tell, Donna is a party pro. She throws great parties for clients, and her own kids and friends, too. She made it really difficult for me by linking up something like 8 fantastic parties (which you want to check out), but this Mad Hatter one, is definitely one of my favorites! I am in love with the giant teacups, and love the croquet set she made featuring Wonderland characters. From the Cheshire Cat, to painting the roses red, all the details are here!

Another entry by Donna (so is the next one). I chose this party she helped throw for a friend turning 50, because it is so unique and well executed…and because it is another party I would love to attend! (Who doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn?) I love that all of the guests were on board with the wardrobe, and all of the glamour of the event! Lots of bling and fun details!
You may have seen this party floating around the internet before. I know it has been featured several places. It is the epitome of teen/pre-teen fun! So colorful! I love that she took the table as a bed idea (shown in the bedtime stories party @ HWTM), and changed it up for a different crowd. Doesn’t it just look fun?
I have to admit that I kind of passed over this party initially. Mainly because I am pregnant, and looking a “gross”-things, doesn’t always make me feel good. But my sister thought it was awesome, so I gave it a closer look, and realized she was right. Can you think of any cooler party for a pre-teen boy? Not only does it look like lots of fun, but is surprisingly well-coordinated!
There is one one-year old, who is must be very loved, because his parents went all-out for this circus-themed party. (Ok, lots of one-year-olds are loved, even if they don’t have fabulous parties). But there is a lot to see here! My favorites are the red tickets you see on the invitation and through out the party, the beautiful pinwheels, and the colorful candy bar.
Joann throws lots of creative parties, and was a finalist in last year’s party party for her Academy Awards themed party. I want to take some credit for this party, because her request for help, prompted this idea post, by me. But I’m pretty sure the cute way it came together is really all her doing. I think it is a sweet theme for a shower, and she really carried the theme through-out.
While this may not be the most visually appealing party of the bunch, it scores big points for creativity and authenticity. (It wouldn’t look much like the ‘80s if it were too easy on the eyes). I love the Pac Man cake—(high impact, easy to do), the use of old tapes and records, and the clever ‘80s movie names on all of the food (visit the original post for all of those, and for the message on the bathroom walls. :-))
Honorable Mentions:
I almost, nearly included all of these in the voting, but thought the number was getting too high. Still, you really need to check out the following parties:

I’ve seen several cute barnyard-themed birthdays around the web, but I’ve never seen one with a cow you can milk! I also love how she did the invitations!

going away

I really love the invitation and matching cake for this going away party! It all ties in so nicely!
Monster Mash Bash, by Not Just a Mommy

Monster Bash

I love this colorful take on a kids’ Halloween party, and am thinking I will likely copy it this year. I bought some of the matching Target paper goods on Clearance after Halloween, and think my kids would really enjoy this!
Pirate Party, by Room to Inspire (part 2)


There have been lots of pirate parties lately! There were 3 or 4 linked up to the party party, as well as the one I threw for my son this year. They are all super fun, but this one is also very visually appealing! I loved the parrots for party guests, and “walking the plank” that she incorporated into the party. Really a lot of fun details, here, so check out both posts if you are thinking pirates are in your future!
So there you have it! Vote for your favorite finalist on the poll at the top right of the page. The winner will receive $30 to spend at Paper and Cake for future party downloadables. And forgive me if I left your favorite out of the finals! There are lots more wonderful parties to check out at the original party party post!

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  1. So many talented people out there and wonderful parties. Thank you for posting all these exciting parties.

  2. Susan Crabtree says

    congrats to everyone!

  3. Not Just A Mommy! says

    Aww…I'm so glad to inspire future parties in you…and thank you for the shout-outs!

  4. Room to Inspire says

    Thank you so much for the honorable mention on the pirate party! I just love all of the parties you highlighted, but I am off to vote for just one!


  5. How fun Kendra! You even know how to throw an web party! Congrats to all…I am loving all these ideas.

  6. Shelley @ Divine Party Concepts says

    Thanks Kendra and I love all of your picks!!

  7. I love the little summaries of the party pictures you put together! Fun parties! I voted! Thanks again for hosting the party party. 🙂

  8. SharDon Exclusives says

    Joanne,Cottage Instincts colors and style is gorgeous but of course so was every one elses.

  9. WOW! Thank you!!

  10. jojosfinds says

    How can we pick only one? I'll try though 🙂

  11. Two Happydales says

    Wow, great party ideas! There are some very creative people in this world.

  12. I love looking at all of those wonderful parties! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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