Wintry Thank You Cards

Do you send “thank you” cards? It is becoming a lost art. We usually make or write thank you cards, and then forget to deliver or send them. My mother-in-law, unfailingly sends us a thank-you after Christmas and birthday/mother’s day (they are about the same time), and gently reminds us to send them, at least to the grandparents, who will care.

So once again, we attempt! On Monday night for Family Home Evening, I led my family in making these wintry thank you cards.
First we just cut out a bunch of snowflakes of different sizes, and then we glued some of them on to cardstock, for a simple wintry (but not too Christmas-y, since we are about in the middle of January and my Christmas decorations are finally all put away! Yay!) design. Using white craft ink, we stamped a thank you message on the cards.
I should have taken pictures of the kids’ creations (can any one guess what this means in phonetic children’s spelling: UOOROSUM! I’ll put the answer in the comments after you’ve had a chance to figure it out), but the one that really surprised me was BSB:
At the beginning of the evening, I had to give him lessons on how to fold the paper to cut the snowflakes. By the end of the night, I had declared him the maestro, and wasn’t up for trying to compete with him. Besides, he had the sharper scissors. But seriously, look at the detail on those snowflakes he made. If only, I can get him to write messages in the cards now, and actually send them…
Don’t forget to join me on Friday for my Party Party! I have a fun party to blog about and can’t wait to see what partying you all have been up to! See you then!
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  1. Susan Crabtree says

    my guess is "you are awesome"! I love how little ones spell, it is too cute! we ALWAYS write thank you cards-even when my boys were too little to write, I would transcribe what they said about the gift & they would color a picture.

  2. La Tempête says

    I agree with Susan!

    We always try to send thank you cards. Sometimes we are lazy and forget, but I try to make it a priority.

  3. Cute cards. I agree, thank you cards are a must.


  4. Oh wow your husband actually cut those snowflakes himself! Those are so detailed.

  5. Kendra@My Insanity says

    Yes, he did those all by himself with some pretty ordinary scissors. See why I didn't want to compete?

    And yes, Susan wins bragging rights for figuring out "You are awesome!" I wasn't sure my SIL who doesn't have kids yet, would be able to decipher, so I had to include a translation with the note my son wrote, but it was very sweet!

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